Full Auto 2: Battlelines Preview

Damn, that was fast. Only half a year since the first Full Auto landed on 360 and we're already getting hit with a PS3 sequel. Well, mostly. We've been speculating that the game was originally planned to be a feature-packed port of the 360 game that got a "2" slapped on it along the way. Speculating, just to be absolutely clear on that. Only six out of Full Auto 2's 27 vehicles are completely new, as are 13 of the game's 27 tracks. The game is also getting at least three new multiplayer modes as well as a new multi-path single-player campaign. Admittedly, it would be an awful lot of fresh content for a port. On the flipside, that's still an awful lot of old material for a sequel.

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achira5037d ago

whats your problem ? i think you only want to bash the ps3 version. wait till this game is out, than you can say what you want. if you look the game play vids i think the game looks good.

joemutt5037d ago

So paranoid you are seeing imaginary fanboys, man you need to unplug for a while.

General5037d ago

He is talking to the Guy Who made this News.

Sevir045037d ago

if u actually clicked the "Read full story link" u'd notice that all that stuff is actually from a 1up article excerpt, word 4 word! so quit being paranoid. zypher, like myself, is on of the very few unbiased gamers here that will own all 3 console. with PS3 and Wii at their respective launch. so dont sweat. We're gamers first. not 360 and PS3 fankids

Marriot VP5037d ago

oh achira just got owned by sphinx

achira5037d ago

when he is not a fanboy than i am sorry for my comment. i only wanted to say that a game should not be bashed before its out.

Sevir045036d ago

i'd appreciate it greatly if u'd stop asuming name acounts u dont recognize belong to a user with multiple acounts. I'm not new to this forum and i definately only have one user acount. thanks bro!

zypher5036d ago

way to go and prove most of the 360 fanboys on this site right achira, you can be an IDIOT! i mean me, ME, bashing the PS3? if you knew anything about me you'd know that i'm one of the most prolific PS3 proponents on this site...yes, even despite some of the stupid stuff Sony says/does. you have no idea how often i defend the PS3 to the mart, the real deal, was a sony fan, pro logic, and rest of the 360 fanboys that frequent PS3 articles. and now you're calling me a PS3 basher, simply because i posted an article verbatim from fyi i'm actually interested in some of the improvements Sega can make to Full Auto 2, thats why i posted the article. the number of 360 articles out-weigh the number of PS3 articles by like 4 to 1: thats why i submitted this. and if you have the gumption to review most of the pro-PS3 articles, you'll notice that a decent amount of them have come from me recently. so how about you catch a clue before you start calling people fanboys and bashers.

Marriot VP5036d ago

sevir, huh, I made the mistake of misnaming you that's all. Sorry, but I think everybody knows who said it first.

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joemutt5037d ago

Sony promised every game to run in 1080p.

Sony said it isnt "next-gen" unless its 1080p.

Now they are making the games in 720p???

Sony is so Lame!!! They didnt even apologize for lying to us, they think we will forget, they are so wrong.

BLow5037d ago

Every Lol

DJ5037d ago

We haven't even hit launch. Playstation titles get better and more technologically advanced as time goes on. PS1 and PS2 titles greatly surpassed their "CG Target-Render Lies" And this game was never announced as 1080p. 1080p was meant for Blu-ray movies; it's simply an option for game developers on the system. Just 'cause the 360 can't do it doesn't mean you have to talk trash at Sony for making their system capable of it.

SpankUveryMuch5037d ago

thats a fuggin lie. dj is a lying piece of crap. everyone who has ever owned a sorry azzs ps2 knos dat it neva came close 2 tha cg videos. sony has a track history of underdelivering & u sound stupid lying out ur azz hole like dat. dj is a lying prick. everyone knos & see's dat.

SpankUveryMuch5037d ago

sony should man up and apologize for lying and saying next gen don't start till we get 1080p games. I guess it won't start for 4 more years when the xbox 720 comes out. hahahahahahahah but sony fans have the memory of a mentally challenged rat. hahahahahahahha my friend devs on a game for the ps3 and he said that the 1080p game won't happen. he said you might see 1080p cg cut scenes but then the gameplay happens it drops to 720p or 1080i. hahahahahahah but the cool thing is Microsoft announced 1080p capable componant cords to be released for the 360. so 360 owners can get 1080p cut scenes and movies too. hahahahahahah 200 dollars and not one advantage but a bunch of disadvantages. hahahahahha how saddd and pathetic.

achira5036d ago

to say it clearly your comments are totally idiotic. how can somenone be so dumb and buy a hd-dvd add-on and pay for this 200 bucks (600 bucks grand total). its a lot more intelligent to buy one system for the same price (ps3), which can truely use the hd-drive for games. and you have not 2 crapboxes standing around in your room. i dont want to mention that the ps3 has far more to offer. beside this, i have a friend he works on a title for the ps3, and he says that the most 2. gen games will support 1080p. i think i can trust my friend more than yours. lol

Bill Gates5036d ago

just ignore that fool, most of these ignorant 360 fanboys can't seem to handle simple economics, or simple math for that matter...hahahaha

Sevir045036d ago

all this idiocy being examplified in 360 fankids just proves u and MS are foolish. I and everyone here has yet to read any article since the unveiling of the PS3 last year, that sony made it manditory that all games be a standard 1080p! they haven't lied. u beleived a rumor 360 fankids started. what sony promised is 1080p, that the console can do it in games if devs so choose. does that mean there wont be any? NO! and further more if there are at least 2 games in 1080p it would still prove sony's Promise

specialguest5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

this is off topic, but i came to realize that without all of the crazy debates(even the stupid comments), this site tend to get a little boring.

maybe it's just me, since im at work with nothing better to do than to browse the limited sites i have access to. i know i should be working though.

Bill Gates5037d ago

Dude I totally know what you mean, hahahha…..This site gives me a reason to come to work sometimes. It’s the one thing I look forward to coming to work.

I love reading all the ignorant cat fights between fanboys…I love it, and being a part of it too..hahaha. And I must admit I’m a playstation fan more so than the other consoles, but I wasn’t too sure if this time around I was going to pick up a PS3 at launch but I think it will be the best thing to do considering how hard they will be to get for a long time to come. All the launch games are also looking really nice and that just tells me that things will only continue to get even better very quickly.

Bill Gates5037d ago

Ouch 360 fans must really be in shock. This game is most likely going to get a much better review for the PS3 version considering all the new material and multiplayer modes. Must be all that “EXTRA” space that Blu’ray offers….hahahahha…LOSERS, keep on talking all that shiet because Sony is going to make you keep eating it seconds later…hahahhaha

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