Dead Space Plasma Cutter Unlocked With Save

Hell Descent: So it seems that if you have saved data (most likely a finished game) of the original Dead Space on your hard drive, you get the iconic Plasma Cutter in Dead Space 2 for free, or possibly earlier. But wait a minute, isn’t that weapon available in the demo? Our only explanation is that, unlike the original Dead Space, Isaac will have to start his second Necromorph nightmare with a different weapon, possibly the Rivet Gun, which was your starting weapon in Dead Space Extraction.

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mightyboot3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Cool like the RE games. replay value ftw!

SnakeMustDie3940d ago

Seriously, the plasma cutter is the best weapon(or the most useful) in DS1 so it kinda sucks if new players cannot use it at the beginning.

HammockGames3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Absolutely. The other weapons is DS1 were cool, but for some reason I loved the PC better than all the rest => surgically carving up enemies never got old.

The only exception was the line gun - maxed out, that thing was ridiculous. I had a grin on my face every time I (literally) mowed down a row of necromorphs. If only you could carry more ammo...

Side note, I'm curious to see all the options they give for Isaac's suits this time around.

solidsnake2223940d ago

And the force gun maxed out, I'm doing an impossible playthrough as we speak. Currently on chapter 10 (creepy dolls, twinkle twinkle little star, and zero g basketball) I found the two most useful weapons so far are my Plasma Cutter (as always) and the force gun for close to mid range. My back ups that I rarely use are the plasma rifle and line gun, but to be fair they aren't upgraded that much. Dead Space FTW!

foss33940d ago

I used the PC and Plasma Rifle about 50/50 in DS1. For a change I'll probably use some of the new weapons.

Theonik3939d ago

Better that way, maybe i'll use the rest of the guns then. :P

trainsinrdr3940d ago

noooooo i deleted my save after i traded it in i thought i would never need it again:(

Quagmire3940d ago

Why would you delete a save? Its not like they take up much space on your HDD, and its always cool to go back and reminisce the many games youve played.

WhiteNoise3938d ago

Awesome, I always backup my saves :D.

Unlocks > DLC.

Hopefully this game doesn't back single player content to nickel and dime people later

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