The battle for Tales localization, part two — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Tales still isn’t here. It’s flourishing over there in Japan, though. Namco Bandai has still yet to announce any sort of localization for the franchise in the western hemisphere. Not even after our last article. But then again, we’re probably not important enough to change their minds."

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JewelTheif3818d ago

Namco seriously needs to bring us these games.

scar203818d ago

I love rpg games but never got around to playing any of these are there any good ones that are localized?

Lavalamp3817d ago

Yessir. Some of the fan favorites are these:
Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360
Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube
Tales of the Abyss for the PS2

Spenok3817d ago

Either of the Symphonia games are fantastic. 1 was on Gamecube, and 2 was on Wii. And the newest one for Xbox360, Vesperia, was also great. The other two, both on PS2, Tales of the Abyss was the better of the two, and tho Tales of Legendia was good, i just didnt get into it like the rest.

So yes, if you are an RPG fan, play any of them you have the system for. Im sure you wont be disapointed.

ChronoJoe3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )


Tales of Eternia PSP
Tales of Legendia PS2 (not great)
Tales of Symphonia 2 Wii (pretty bad game)

Vesperia and Symphonia are by far the best that've seen Western releases. I guess Eternia is real good for a portable release, too.

Simon_Brezhnev3817d ago

After watching the animes for both Abyss and Symphonia. Im so much interested in Symphonia for the story. I just refuse 2 buy a wii. I think i will just download the emulator.

AWBrawler3817d ago

symphonia 2 isn't bad, its just not the sequel everyone wanted, its a spin-off. I enjoyed Symphonia 2

Yi-Long3817d ago

... if they don't force a horrible english dub on us, but just give us the option for the original language plus subs.

PlayerX3817d ago

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is a masterpiece.

GameOn3817d ago


Vesperia had very good dub and the voice acting was some of the best I've heard in a game.

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disturbing_flame3817d ago

Japanese video game industry must consider traduction in development time of their games.
Not a total traduction of all voice acting etc but just subtitles in english to have the potential to be played outside of Japan.

The big failure of this generation for japanese gaming industry is that they believe they only can sell game by copying occidental games and their gameplay.

In reality what we see ? Nintendo is the biggest seller of this generation :
-Mario games are purely JAPAN flavored, new super mario is 15 millions seller, in a short laps of time.
-The casual gaming made in Japan is reproduced by Sony and Microsoft, once again it proves that Japanese market can still lead in terms of concept and ideas the industry to make people interested in video games.
-Little games, big effects. Demon's Soul on PS3 proves japanese can inove in RPG and make games that are truly interesting to play. the game as been localized after a long time and it did pretty well considering there was no marketing behind it. I think DEADLY PREMONITION on 360 can follow the same path, the game is good, gamers who are interesting in deep, fun and strange games will hype the game, it deserves it.
-Squarenix thought it was better not securising games on PS3 and only make 360 exclusives, the failure was effective when we compare FINAL FANTASY XIII sales on PS3 vs 360 ones. Squarenix have to consider their politic in terms of quality, story of the company, remember their strenght on previous gen to understand what people are wanting from them, in terms of lisibility they are killing what made them famous.
-Capcom makes total hit seller with Monster Hunter on PSP, but doesn't try to make a real adaptation on HD consoles ?
When you see a game like Pokemon on DS you know it will sell outside of Japan, if the game was on Wii it would also sell as hell, Capcom must consider a licence like Monster Hunter and try to make a gigantic game adaptation on HD consoles.
-Namco, you have forgotten your catalogue, you have forgotten your arcade origine, if they want to be back in the business, they must support traduction of their games, and be back to their roots, arcade, shoot them up, rpg.
-Konami, the same, where are you ? Nothing securized on the biggest HD platform in Japan : the PS3. MGS4 was a hit, million seller. PES are suported on HD platforms, million seller, Peace walker is supported on PSP, million seller.
remember your catalog, remember your story, where are the men that once run that company and understand what they were making. All gone ?
-SEGA has understand somehow the way to maximize their diffusion on the market, YAKUZA is by far the best exemple of a great game localized maybe not with the success hoped but the catalogue of SEGA on PS3 is playable everywhere in the world by this act, that's the first step : accessibility, the diffusion is more confortable, the lisibility of the catalogue is global and gamers can enjoy and pure japanese game in their country (is happily they speak english, but it's a first step).

disturbing_flame3817d ago

Japanese developers have forgotten their science, their 2D ability, their creative potential, because occidental developpers continued to develop themselves and have set a new model of gaming, with new standards; but there is place for both approach, it's just a matter of diffusion, a great story will be a great story in every langage.
And to people who think that japanese market is dead, just face the reality :
Nintendo has sold more than 80 millions Wii and more than 130 millions of DS, Konami, Namco and so many others, if you want to be back in the business, just remember what have done your success in the past, believe in your creatives and make games with your science reactualized.

And just for me : Don't forget 2D gaming, japanese animation have allways been an interesting form to approach video game. when you see NINOKUNI on PS3 it's like a disney game from the great period. You can still make universal games. Beautiful games (MURAMASA on Wii) with 2D.
I hope one day see more 2D JRPG on HD console, with the capacity of PS3 or 360 (even PC) i think there's so much to do with that when i see games like NINOKUNI.
Don't forget that people who used to play in 80/90's are still playing now, on their phones, consoles, PC. you have written a story with them, look your catalogues, you will see the path and maybe we'll meet again.

Thanks to scrawlfx, andriasang, siliconera, to give us some news of japan every weeks, we still love japanese games.

Lavalamp3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

The author of this piece should email Namco Bandai this article. We need to be sure they are aware that we gamers in the west are interested in the Tales franchise. Heck, if English-text only is acceptable, there really isn't any excuse to not bring it over. If a small team of gamers can sub the entirety of Graces on their own budget, I'm sure Namco Bandai can afford to do it too.

Edit - Yo phantom disagree'er, why don't you grow a pair and enlighten me?

SilverSlug3817d ago

Namco... they keep on bringing big budget 'western focused' games with ZERO marketing. Horrible way to PUBLISH a game. These games already made their game, just release them with your usual 'no marketing' and have them sell about 100k. That should pay off the translation and release and put extra cash in your pockets, unlike Enslaved and Splatter House, which probably made you lose money.

Bravo43817d ago

One word NamcoBandai: Please.

Stealth20k3817d ago

The point is there western games are terrible both as games and with sales

All we want from namco are there fighting games and rpgs. Thats basically it

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