The Six Best Rhythm Action Games Of All Time "Eyeing up the complete saga of the rhythm action genre is very much like analysing the trajectory of a rollercoaster track. Beginning its life as an ultra-niche, arcade-only Japanese pursuit known as ‘bemani’, the genre made its Western breakthrough with the localised version Parappa The Rapper in 1998, and moved onto all-conquering, world-beating form with..."

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GWAVE3243d ago

No Patapon? No DJ Hero? I cannot accept this list...

Ehhh, it's just opinion, of course, but still. No Patapon? No DJ Hero?

Mr Man3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

no paraper the rapper! no um jammer lammy!

Venox20083241d ago

no rhythm heaven (rhythm tengoku) on DS or GBA? now that's a fail..that is my favourite rhythm game of all time..maybe author should try it or is it too hard game to him ;)