Rayman 3D confirmed for 3DS

Rayman 3D, which was originally found on the OFLC, has now been confirmed for the 3DS.

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Bull5hifT3240d ago

READ THIS AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT....... Every time i read about the 3DS i think about that movie called The Jerk where everybody ends up Crosseyed at the end..... Im trying to avoid 3d as much as possible i think there was a reason that they had ti tell you when to put them on and take them off during a movie

HolyOrangeCows3240d ago
Your source for everything intendo.

Approving before the link is even fixed? Shame on you folks.

life doomer3240d ago

now I really have to get a 3ds.

Ratchet5103240d ago

O cool but to bad im saving for psp2, 3Ds wont have 3D because it causes eye problems says nintendo.

cozmo1953240d ago

for children six years or younger

Ratchet5103240d ago

no they really said it could mess up people's eyes, i dont know how and i wanted to get this but i dont want my eyes to mess up.

thor3240d ago

Well I'm not so sure about that. I mean every game says you should take a 15 minute break every hour... who does that?... they are erring on the side of caution. 3D can make some people feel weird because of the conflict between seeing a 3D image but not being able to focus as though it's 3D (because it's actually flat).

Stephen55433240d ago

They issued out a warning that is for all 3D. I read it, I know what you're talking about. It has potential to cause problems for children 6 years and under, and prolonged use for people older then that will make your eyes tired because giving a fake 3D image to your eyes for periods of time will tire them out. They never said it would cause eye problems.

Eric Barrier3239d ago

You can turn off the 3D function entirely for every game on the 3DS.

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jaz350z3240d ago

there's the actual link...whoever posted this obviously had a bunch of people approve it for them w/o actually checking their post.

Raendom3240d ago


Cannot wait for the 3DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.