The biggest abuse of potential in 2010

GameSnark writes: "It may prove a technological point that interactive storytelling and multiple endings can work together, but they left out the one aspect that really mattered – motive. Without a reason to care for these characters or the story, Heavy Rain was nothing more than a glorified tech demo, an empty shell where a video game should have been but thanks to a flawed vision and poor implementation, was painfully absent."

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MariaHelFutura3240d ago

I wasn`t aware that tech demos were so long and had multiple endings. I guess you learn something new everyday.

FrankMcSpank3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Yeah like 10 hours of pure awesomeness and about 17 differenct endings, plus 1000000 different plot turns in creating your story. Touching every taboo M rated subject out there. Glorified Tech Demo My Ass....

Buttons3240d ago

I guess one of my favorite games is a glorified tech demo..Oh, well. It's still a KICK-ASS tech demo

zootang3240d ago

Can someone suggest some decent gaming sites? I'm sick of crap like this!

GWAVE3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Wow, if Heavy rain was an abuse of potential, what does that say about Kinect?

And most of the people who mock Heavy Rain's storyline are hypocrites. You call out Heavy Rain's plot inconsistencies and cheesiness, and yet you fall in love with Gears of War bromance or the "unique" storyline of Halo?

seij5553240d ago

Abuse of potential should go to kinect, all people do is talk about hacks yet we have seen shit gameplay wise on the 360.

JoeReno3240d ago

Biggest abuse of blog BS in 2010.

Heavy Rain was or me, a solid experience and a highlight of the games I played in 2010.

davekaos3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

well i usually like sarcastic gamer reviews because thats what they are "sarcastic" and they do make me laugh however this seemed over the top compared to their usual stuff and it felt like they were having a pop at heavy rain.

this was absolutely shocking what they said about heavy rain, sure they compare it to shemnue which is all good but in shemnue the QTE's never altered the way the story told itself, not to mention the fact you could play heavy rain 20 times and still not have played the whole game due to that many different scenarios.

Oh well looks like these reviewers in sarcastic gamer must think if a game is not cod like its crap.

atleast i can say i enjoyed it for what it was and definately something new and a MASSIVE break from the norm when it was released.

3240d ago
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Chaostar3240d ago

*sigh* another internet blogger trying his hardest to be Charlie Brooker. Heavy Rain may not be Shakespeare but it's a breathe of fresh air in a world where most protagonists lines are "son of a dick" and "eat shit and die".

JoeReno3240d ago

"Most protagonists lines are "son of a dick" and "eat shit and die".
I completely agree. It all grows so tiresome, HR was certainly a breath of fresh air.

By the way arnt those direct quotes from Black Ops? Tiresome..

Chaostar3240d ago

Actually they are from Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem but I could imagine them being regurgitated for a 'lowest common denominator' game like Black Ops.

It's not that a good bit of humour and low-brow antics aren't welcome, it's just there's so many games that appeal to adolescent teenage boys, you get kinda sick of it all.


im embarrassed this site is from uk heavy rain is my goty!!!

Cajun Chicken3240d ago

Nah, that's not possible. If you want a real example of a tech demo that falls short of it's potential, juts look at the Gears of War franchise.

The_Nameless_One3240d ago

Let's just have this, painful to read, article fall into the abyss of the internet. Count me as a lover of this tech demo. I guess my number 2 GOTY goes to a demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.