Battlefield 3 won't support Windows XP

A DICE developer has confirmed that Battlefield 3 won't support Windows XP.

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BlmThug4158d ago

Windows XP Is Old So It Makes Sense

OneSneakyMofo4158d ago

Wow... It looks like I won't be buying Battlefield 3 then. This is my first Battlefield game I've missed.

tony67674158d ago

only because of the OS ? lool xp is getting old

captain-obvious4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

i got windows 7
what the fuck they mean by 64-bit OS is recommended
i got 32

intel i5
4 gb of ram
and a 10.1 DX graphics card with 1 gb of ram

im i ok ?

@ the guys below
im getting ang DX11 graphics card soon
and thats all what im going to upgrade

Pandamobile4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

They've designed the engine to run better on 64 bit than 32 bit.

DICE aren't cutting any corners with Frostbite 2. When it's designed for a 64 bit DX11 environment, it's going to pack a lot of punch and have some incredibly beautiful graphics.

Frostbite 2 is going to be one hell of an engine.


Yes, the game will run fine on your system, but optimally you're going to want a 64 bit, DX11 system for the best possible BF3 experience :)

Sarcasm4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

@Captain Obvious

I think they recommend 64bit to fully utilize quad cores.

Hopefully they just go balls out with this game, quad core support (or more), directx 11, and more eye candy to put graphics cards down to their knees.

Now I really cant wait for this game.

Snatcher4158d ago

My specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 2.80 Ghz
4 gb ram
64 bit windows 7
Ati Radeon HD 4650
10.1 dx graphics card btw.

I think my computer will run BattleField 3 on medium graphics on 30 fps atleast!!!

davekaos4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

@ capt obv

Ur more than capable of playing it, reason they recomend 64bit os is because the game will utilize more than 3gb of ram if your machine has it not to mention quad core fully optimized.
BTW why do u have 4gb of ram in a 32bit OS, ur wasting 1gb their pal


BTW my specs are:

athlon II x3 465 OC'D to 4ghz
4gb ocz sli edition @ 800mhz
2 x sonic platinum gtx460's oc'd to 1ghz mem clock
and 2 300gb raptors in raid 0

tdrules4158d ago


32-Bit OS


captain-obvious4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

why whats wrong ?
all i did was buying 2 ram card and it happend that both of them was 2 gigs each
so whats wrong ??

its cheap you know

Snatcher4158d ago

I think im going to buy a 6 gb memory stick, and use turbo boost. I have 4 gb ram, and 64 windows.

Would that be great purchase?

Bolts4158d ago

Your computer probably sucks anyways. This have nothing to with XP.

saint_john_paul_ii4158d ago

its about time game devs start utilizing 64-bit processing on PC.

Aggesan4158d ago

What's wrong is that you're using a 32-bit OS when you have 4 gigs of ram. 32-bit windows can only handle up to 3 gigs, the restoring gig is left unused.

AndrewRyan4158d ago


You really expect them to develop a game for DX9? Windows XP is fucking old news bro. They don't want you playing the game if you are running XP obviously. It's time for an upgrade.

badz1494158d ago

32-bit OS can handle up to 4GB RAM total and that includes system RAM and GPU RAM. so, captain obvious has 5GB in total making it a waste of 1GB!

BattleAxe4157d ago

As long as this game isn't plauged with cheaters and they include Xinput, I'm all in, otherwise I'm getting it for PS3.

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Persistantthug4158d ago

This is dumb.

Personally it doesn't affect me though because I was always gonna buy this for the PS3.

But this doesn't really help for the legions of XP users.

Wenis4158d ago

I know, isn't it crazy that a developer is actually wanting to get the best out of their game instead of the most money out of it.

mfwahwah4158d ago

Why you base it off the number of people who use XP? Most PC GAMERS have moved on. Why hold back for those that refuse to move forward?

vickers5004158d ago

I thought Battlefield 3 was PC exclusive?

Active Reload4158d ago

@Vickers500, I did too...smh.

Sarcasm4158d ago

Battlefield 3 IS a PC exclusive. Rightfully so IMO. This time they can go all out.

And to be honest, a lot of hardcore PC gamers that's going to buy this game have probably already upgraded anyway.

Pandamobile4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

It's not a PC exclusive, but the PC version will LEAGUES ahead of the console versions.

I honestly feel bad for people expecting the console version of BF3 to be anything near the PC version. The console version might as well be Battlefield Bad Company 3, because DICE isn't going to be able to do a whole lot more with BF3 than they did with BC2, i.e, low res graphics at 30 FPS with 0x anti-aliasing, lower player counts, etc.

Bolts4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

The so called "legions of XP users" probably won't be buying BF 3 anyways. No loss just because some tool can't play it on his business comp.

Eric Barrier4158d ago

On the front of the boxes of Medal Of Honor on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version it says "Grants access to Battlefield 3 Beta". So while it hasn't been confirmed to be on consoles it is a safe bet that it will be.

Persistantthug4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

I mean, you gotta use common sense when figuring these things out....

EA loves consoles....point blank.

badz1494158d ago

XP is too old now and making BF3 support down to XP and DX9 is a stupider choice.

Persistantthug4158d ago

There are alot of people that still have XP, and because of the economy, it's bad to try and cut your potential userbase in half.

There are alot of people that simply can't afford the upgrade.

I mean, isn't the whole idea supposed to be to GROW fanbase, not alienate it?

Letros4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

In half? Do some research, only 25% of Steam users (aka PC Gamers) use XP.

PC platform is about pushing tech, I quote DICE

"Windows 7 is an excellent OS for gamers (but please use the 64-bit version!) and I predict a vast amount of the gamers that are still on Windows XP, which is now a 8 year old operating system, will upgrade to Windows 7 and as such go directly from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11 awesomeness."

Persistantthug4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Steam isn't the be all end all of PC gaming.....

At least I hope it's not.

Letros4157d ago

Well, at ~70% of steam users with Vista/W7, there are at least or 21,000,000 gamers with a DX11 capable operating system.

In the end though, DICE/EA know which BF fans are playing on DX9 or DX11, they must be pretty confident with this decision.

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Pandamobile4158d ago

According to Steam, only about 25% of gamers still use Windows XP, and that number will probably be <10% by this time next year due to a larger number of games that won't support it.

STONEY44158d ago

It won't be supporting DirectX 9 either. FINALLY PC devs are moving forward and leaving behind old tech.

Thecraft19894158d ago

I agree this news good and hope more devs start with more update tech.

ATi_Elite4157d ago

@ Stoney4

You said it right brother!! This is great news.
DICE is one hell of a developer and dumping DX9 is the start of PC graphics revolution. I hope more developers follow this trend.

Frostbite Engine 2 is gonna be awesome. Battlefield 3 Pc DX11 i can't wait!!

davekaos4158d ago

the reason its not on XP is because the game will be solid direct x 11 which xp dont support. Now dont get me wrong you can bodge your way around that but update wise xp is screwed same games for updates on the GPU related to DX11.

in a way im kind of glad this because the game wont be held back on the PC

multipayer4158d ago

But if it is held back by console limitations anyway.(which seems pretty likely) This will be a major disappointment.

I'd probably need another 5770 to play anything decent in DX11 aswell. I'd love to see PC gaming take off like that too, but how many people have the equivalent of 2 5770's? Surely there is a DX10 option or this is going to be a really amazing year for the PC gamers that don't fall off the grid.

xtremexx4158d ago

but loads of people love windows xp, it is runs game quite well, ah well, most people should have moved t vista or 7 by now, most people have windows xp for fun etc

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MintBerryCrunch4158d ago

XP and W7 support makes more sense to me than being compatible with Vista since so many games have had problems with the OS in the past

xtremexx4158d ago

i will agree with you because of your name

hassi944157d ago

But Vista can run DX10 & DX11. I think BF3 is going to be DX10 minimum. They can't say XP is supported BUT there is a possibility that people who hack XP to allow DX10 may be able to run the game. It is actually quite probable.

However, they do not SUPPORT it as XP does not officially support DX10+

OtherWhiteMeat4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Ouch..........I'm in dire need of a PC upgrade.There's just too many games coming out for me not to justify spending the cash.

Pandamobile4158d ago

Well, the engine doesn't support DirectX 9, so that means no Windows XP.

Get with the times, people, that shit is almost a decade old.

Snatcher4158d ago

Good that I have Windows 7 Ultimate-

vickers5004158d ago

I've had a gaming rig for about one and a half years now and I've been using XP until recently (specifically yesterday when I ordered the Win7Ultimate OEM from newegg), so I can understand the concern.

Oh well, I suppose it isn't that big of a deal, because it is about that time where there's no excuse for not upgrading (other than money, but it's becoming a necessary investment, so people should have money for it).

Bolts4158d ago

No DX9 support is good. If you can't do DX10 then you shouldn't be playing BF3 anwyays.

y0haN4157d ago

The engine supports DX9.

On the 360 version hurrr!

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OhReginald4158d ago

people still use windows XP ? lol..

Pandamobile4158d ago

But only about 25% of people with a gaming rig use XP.

If you've got a DX10 or 11 GPU running on Windows XP, you're doing it wrong.

tdrules4158d ago

In March, Windows 7 had sold NINETY MILLION COPIES.

thats bigger than the PS3 and 360 market combined.

abandon XP, who cares

Bolts4158d ago

Windows 7 sale figures makes a mockery out of all those Mac commercials. Speaking of which how come I don't see those anymore, do they cost too much in ratio of Mac sales?