Joystiq Top 10 of 2010: Split/Second

Attractively molded metal cages hurtle through a sequence of man-made disasters as part of an overblown reality TV show. Despite the prevalence of appealing buzzwords, Michael Bay is the first to turn his nose up at such a stupefying 'splosionfest. "Send this one to Paul Anderson," he says with a smirk.

In the realm of racing games, however, it's a tire-squealing departure from the player's usual point of entry. Ask the sincerely obsessed Kazunori Yamauchi where you fit in, and he'll point to the high-tech cradle behind the wheel. The point, surely, is to make you feel like you're inside a growling machine that sniffs out the perfect racing line on a static course. ("Surely, because I've spent half my life doing this." He wrings his hands.)

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I think Gran Turismo will be higher.