Joystiq Top 10 of 2010: Split/Second

Attractively molded metal cages hurtle through a sequence of man-made disasters as part of an overblown reality TV show. Despite the prevalence of appealing buzzwords, Michael Bay is the first to turn his nose up at such a stupefying 'splosionfest. "Send this one to Paul Anderson," he says with a smirk.

In the realm of racing games, however, it's a tire-squealing departure from the player's usual point of entry. Ask the sincerely obsessed Kazunori Yamauchi where you fit in, and he'll point to the high-tech cradle behind the wheel. The point, surely, is to make you feel like you're inside a growling machine that sniffs out the perfect racing line on a static course. ("Surely, because I've spent half my life doing this." He wrings his hands.)

user83971444922d ago

I think Gran Turismo will be higher.


Nine Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 Cult Classics That Deserve An HD Release

There were a number of cult classics that didn't sell like gangbusters, but still worked their way into gamers' hearts. Here's WWG list of nine great titles that deserve a second chance on newer consoles

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evilkillerk2536d ago

Blurs servers were the main issue but would love to see it return.

AZRoboto2536d ago

I'll point out that these games are all from the X360/PS3 era - they've already had HD releases when they first came out. Split/Second and Blur - with the crazy vehicle physics capable today, why would we not want sequels to them?

The other games, all a matter of opinion of course, but... thank you for your ads between every single game. /s

TheDCD2536d ago

Problem with sequels is that they aren't very likely. Activision dropped Blur like a bad habit, and Disney isn't doing games anymore. So I'll happily take the originals.

Relientk772535d ago

Remember Me
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Miss_Weeboo2535d ago

Alan Wake
Lost Odyssey
Demon Souls

TheDCD2535d ago

As much as I'd kill for a Demon's Souls remake, isn't likely. We'll probably get Bloodborne 2 instead.

PhoenixUp2535d ago

Dafuq kinda title is that? These games were already released on HD consoles though...

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Looking Back: Split Second Review

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StormLegend3218d ago

Man I loved Split Second... I wonder why it never got a sequel?

Nekroo913218d ago

Didn't sold enough copies, the studio was reduced, etc. You know how things work.

barb_wire3218d ago

Disney shut the studio down. Damn shame too, awesome game.

Roccetarius3218d ago

As it was said, Disney shut it down due to it not being successful enough. With that said, a sequel could definitely have improved on Split Second's arcade madness.

Paytaa3218d ago

Split/Second and Blur were the two most under rated racers last gen. They were great games and wish there were potential sequels.

Roccetarius3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Personally, i prefer games like that, more so Split Second than Blur. I also remember when i was playing Destruction Derby Raw back in the day.

GRIP is a game going to early access on Steam, because there wasn't enough people backing it on Kickstarter (unfortunately).

That's one of my only hopes for racers i enjoy.

Rookie_Monster3218d ago

Hoping for BC as I still got the XB1 disc and still play it time to time. This and Midnight Club LA along with Project Gotham Racing 4 are hidden racing gems from the X360 days.