Games You Should’ve Played But Didn’t: Split/Second Come on admit it, you didn’t play Split/Second when it came out in 2010 did you? I’m willing to bet you’re one of the people who complained about Burnout Paradise becoming an open world racer yet didn’t stop to think that maybe another developer would come along and give you what you were looking for all along. By the way, Burnout Paradise kicks ass so screw the haters.

Split/Second is an explosive arcade style racer developed by the fine folks at Black Rock Studios who are sadly no longer with us because Disney sometimes like to make stupid decisions. Regardless you may have already heard of Black Rock Studios before, they’re responsible for the equally awesome PURE which could be best described as an ATV version of SSX and it too is a superb title well worth checking out.

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ltachiUchiha3601d ago

Thank u sir. Only way I can approve it. =]

UnSelf3600d ago

This this this this this this!!!!!!

Oh and nagato> itachi :-p

ltachiUchiha3600d ago

Lol I agree the sharingan & almighty push, booya. =]

pop-voxuli3600d ago

What in the blue hell are you two talking aboot???

RBlue_Desire3600d ago

@pop-voxuli~ they are talking about characters from anime/manga Naruto.........

Also this was a really good game.
Though got irritating by the end.

Ryasha3600d ago

I owned the game for a while. Enjoyed it quite a bit but eventually sold it.

Some infuriating guy made a bet with me over a race, announced that we made a bet to over 20 other people and that "He was a Split/Second master", lost the bet and then refused to pay saying "It wasn't a real bet and I was stupid to believe it was".

Whenever I tried to play the game after that, I just got mad all over again and it ruined to fun of it.

unchartedxplorer3600d ago

You shouldn't really trust anybody online, except if they are your real life friend. Shouldn't really hold a grudge that long either.

Anyway, I thought it was a great game. I thought it was a really good twist on the racing genre, the way you could blow stuff up in order to win a race. I loved it when I looked at the blown up wall or building thinking "I did that" The cars were also fantastic. Surprisingly good for a game published by disney

Roccetarius3600d ago

They could easily have improved the game with a sequel. It was one of the Racers i actually had some interest in. Blur i didn't play, but Burnout Paradise was decent fun as well.

Ryasha3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I hardly ever play games online. It was a [now former] real life friend.

And I don't hold a grudge exactly. I just can't enjoy the game to its fullest anymore.

Like getting the ending of a book or movie that you really wanted to see/read spoiled for you. Can still enjoy what you are reading/watching but not as much as you would have if you didn't already know that the main character dies in the end.

EZMickey3600d ago

You know, no matter how great a game is, especially a game with a great online element to it, the community can bring it crashing down in an instant.

Honestly, this has caused me to reflexively use the mute feature in most online games before I even start playing which really is kind of redundant. I'm online to enjoy a game with like minded gamers but gamers are typically so disagreeable that I now go online to play with others at a distance.

Silly world we live in.

Hellsvacancy3600d ago

"the community can bring it crashing down in an instant"

Thats so true, I cant play any of the Worms games anymore for that reason, I was trying to platinum Worms 2 for well over a year, only needed 1 trophy, to win x amount of games online, what tended to happen was right at the end of the match, my losing opponent would quit out so I wouldnt get the match points, honestly 8/10 matches that would happen

I did finally do it, vowed never to buy a Worms game again

EZMickey3600d ago

@Hellsvacancy I think the next step for multiplayer design is to compensate for that.

We've seen some of that this gen with Street Fighter and Halo where rage quitters are tracked and in future games, paired with other rage quitters.

The most recent example of this I've read about is League of Legends where the community moderates itself by reporting offenders and also praising good sportsmanship but adhering to strict rules so as not to 'spam' and waste the function. This is the way forward in multiplayer gaming I think because it's US, the players, who make it happen.

Not that I play LoL, but I find this stuff very cool and interesting.

ZILLA3600d ago

still have this game and its one of the greatest arcade racers EVER!if u havent try it,GET IT super fun

gamertk4213600d ago

Great game, bought at launch. So much fun online with friends.

francknara63600d ago

Played it, hated it.

In the same genre, Motorstorm Apocalypse was way better.

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