AMD & Nvidia Seamlessly Integrated Now a Reality

LucidLogix announced in a recent press release that the seamless integration of AMD and NVidia is now closer to reality.

With this technology, next generation PCs will dynamically balance the advanced power-efficient, built-in media features of Sandy Bridge processor graphics with the high-end, DirectX 11 3D performance features of discrete GPUs, while significantly reducing the power drain of traditional entertainment desktops.

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kdogdaddy3032d ago

Really looking forward to the advances this technology has to offer.

ATi_Elite3029d ago

Yep it's just more and more companies realizing that the GPU can do simple calculations a whole lot faster than the CPU.

So basically why not use all that power on the GPU. This is basically turning a PC's CPU and GPU into a Cell Processor. It's the same exact principle of IMB's/Sony's/Toshiba CELL Broadband Engine.

Losi3032d ago

Agreed...messed around a bit with AMD/Nvidia mixes but this tech looks promising for sure.

theroadtoruin3032d ago

AMD and nvidia is what i used to build my gaming PC, couldn't be happier with performance.

Letros3032d ago

Wow its basically "Optimus" for desktops, that will save a lot of power.

AKS3032d ago

I'm glad I only upgraded my GPU this year. I'll put a hold on my next PC build for awhile. This tech sounds great.