Kinect Causing RROD on Original Xbox Models

Revolt-Tech Writes:

Unfortunately the Kinect motion detection peripheral appears to be causing some potentially fatal problems on the original Xbox models. As we all should know, the new model was launched alongside Kinect and even come packaged and fully optimized for the peripheral. In the holiday rush to purchase the Kinect, a new problem with the compatibility appears to have surfaced. The Xbox Forums are hosting a buzz of activity with Xbox owners claiming that their older models from 3-4 years back have met their end after plugging in their new Kinect

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writersblock3035d ago

Hopefully this is an isolated problem, or they're gonna have a lot of pissed of customers

Masamori Sumimura3035d ago

not surprised by the problem. Xbox is a faulty piece of hardware.

blitz06233035d ago

Didn't know there were still original xbox models out there lol

TheLastGuardian3035d ago

I thought all the original Xbox 360's already had RROD.

GWAVE3035d ago

You're not alone. It's sad that the 360 hardware problems are so incredibly bad, people don't bat an eye when these news stories come out. I wish people held Microsoft to a higher standard instead of accepting their crap.

MGRogue20173035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

The new "Slim" model isn't faulty at all. I own the 250GB Halo Reach Edition one.. It's very quiet & awesome.

I've had it since September 2010 & have had no problems with it so far.

If you own an older model of Xbox 360 which are prone to conjure RROD/E74 problems, then I'd really suggest selling it & upgrading to the newer "slim" model. Microsoft have redesigned the inside of the 360 entirely with a much more efficient cooling system & other tidbits to help it perform better. :)

100x better than the older models of Xbox 360 like Xenon, Falcon etc.. etc..

Wenis3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Yep Im done with Xbox hardware. Its sad because the original Xbox was a nice sturdy piece of hardware, and it was the PS2 that was pretty faulty (the fat PS2s at least, a ton of them got disc read error problems).

This is what my 20GB 360 has suffered through (and no I'm not making this up to troll)

First it got RRoD. Was able to get it fixed for free.
Then it's HDMI port somehow got broken (couldn't play any sound and the picture was very faded) when I downloaded the new xbox experience dashboard update. Again I was able to get it fixed for free though.
But just recently it stopped reading discs completely now. And its out of warranty (Microsoft wanted to charge me $100 to get it fixed... yeah right) so its going on ebay for about 80 bucks and I'm not going to buy another 360.

karl3035d ago


yeah.. just pay twice for an xbox...

what gives? if they fucked up with first one.. well lets just keep giving them more many.. soo they confirm what they suspect .. xbox owners are kinda ... well u know

now u guys will surely pay twice for an xbox 720 aswell

AndrewRyan3035d ago


I have to agree, actually, the original xbox was the most powerful console of it's generation and probably the most sturdy but it was a new console people did not trust it. Now the tables have turned, I would have to say the PS3 is the most powerful console, by how much is unknown but the cell processor gives it an edge studies show. Not only this but the xbox 360 (original one) was the worst piece of hardware I have ever used, this gen it has the most failures, and is extremely loud, and no I am not nitpicking, the loudness is just ridiculous! It sounded like I was running 5 cheap fans! The new xbox 360 slim is definitely a huge improvement but it took them 4 years to make non faulty hardware? No wonder it is receiving so many sales all the peoples original xbox 360's broke down!

Sorry for the long rant but that is just my thoughts.

irish-leprecaun3035d ago

some things are worse than death and that is living in absolute agony. my heart bleeds for those few surviving xboxs

FrankMcSpank3035d ago

"I wish people held Microsoft to a higher standard instead of accepting their crap."

They do man. But only outside of America and UK. Gamers there will buy another one when they die. The RRoD Replacememnt and Slim Upgrades are so large in AMerica, I would even venture to say only half of the numbers are owned costumers since about half of everyone rebought a 360 in the states.

InfectedDK3035d ago

I seriously don't get how such a crappy system can win best console 2010. Seriously. If this was a TV or a Car it would have been the biggest failure in history.

Sony3603034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

You mean the "old model" Xbox 360 is a fault piece of hardware. New models are no more faulty than any other console. All this article does is repeat what's been said years ago.

Still, some of you still have trouble reading "original model".

Bull5hifT3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

When i see the phrase "Original Xbox"... I tend to stare at this Huge Black and Green thing Thats in the corner of my Room... I need a new A.V. cable for that

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whateva3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

360's are just RROD on their own like always they used to blame every new game. it's not the Kinect it's just that it was that 360's time to go.

@ person below I'm saying that it wasn't kinect's fault it just happened to be hooked up when the 360 RROD

blumatt3035d ago

"Just that 360's time to go."
That's not really a very good way to justify it, man. For the amounts we've had to pay for these system this gen, they should last for at least 7-8 years easy. PS3's and Wii's both last a very long time, with Wii's probably being the least faulty of any system. 360s are just prone to breaking. That's why I only kept mine for a month because I was scared to death the whole time I had it that it was going to break. A 360's "time to go" shouldn't be for at least 7 or 8 years after purchase.

TheLastGuardian3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

"PS3's last a very long time"

Not really.

I bought my first PS3 in 2007 and a month after my warranty was up it stopped reading discs and I had to pay Sony $150 for a refurbished model. I got YLOD about a year after that. I just bought a PS3 slim in September and after the experience I had with my first PS3, I'm praying that I'll make it through 2011 without getting YLOD.

Hopefully Slims last longer than phats. Maybe I just I play it too much. I know I'll be playing it a whole lot in 2011. I can't stand how unreliable systems are this gen. If it's one thing that I hate about the PS3, it's YLOD.

arragionthegreat3035d ago


sorry to hear that bro,..

I still have day1 fat,.. have to clean the lens once in a while because of all the dust I am living in,..

Really want a Slim,.. but will just wait it out, till the fatty dies,.. PS3 will probably be below 200 by then,..

pixelsword3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Yep; my fat went three times as well (the number matches my 'box, btw);

1. ylod (I think)

2. drive failure

3. drive failure (fixed for free after ranting over the phone how it was supposed to be fixed and it actually failed)

So I don't blame 360 owners for buying a 360 over and over because basically I spent $900 on the same console and it *still* has a chance of possibly failing (Lord willing it won't ever again); luckily my 'box was fixable for free every time.

I'm considering selling it for a slim, but I hate that the slim looks so cheap compared to the 60Gb; plus it's likely going to go up in price because of the rarity I would imagine.

I dunno; Lord willing I'll get a slim and then put the fat away for sale in the future.


To all of the 360 brothers and sisters out there who suffered that problem, you have my sympathies.

In this economy, you'd think these corporations would do the right thing and eat the cost. I hate to say that I'm not a fan of the Wii, but I have to give it credit for the only console that actually worked from day one.

ian723034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

I am on my fourth PS3, this gen is very poor for reliability. 1st blu-ray failure after about 1 year, 2nd YLOD 6 month later, then another YLOD about 1 year later, now my fourth is doing well.
I take very good care of them, well ventilated and clean, just seem to have been unlucky.
They have all been well used but I shouldn't have had to have 3 refurbs in around 3 years.
Sony have been good to me though, the first refurb cost £145, but the 2 more I have got after that, Sony replaced for free. (original 60gig fatty).
Both XBOX360 and PS3 aren't very reliable, its not just 360.

Anon19743034d ago Show
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-Alpha3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Considering the shoddy history of the Original Xbox Model don't expect this to be "isolated" to a few forum users.

Edit: OK, the source is to a 2 page forum made 10 days ago. So it's not exactly a sudden outbreak, but of course anytime we have news like this where users on a forum get an issue (e.g. PS3 firmware update causing YLOD, and now Kinect causing RROD) some site like this has to report it.

There don't seem to be any reports from the new models for RROD in general, but this sucks big time for the longtime Xbox fans who have supported the 360 for so long.

The fact that you can't reliably buy a product without fear of your console dying on you is terrible. Not to mention that I'm reading that people who have the original 360 have had them for 3+ years without issue and all of a sudden they get RRoD from Kinect. Which means these people probably have run their extended warranty dry. Early adopters always get screwed like this.

acky13035d ago Show
blumatt3035d ago

Yeah Alpha seems to be the only person on this site to have THAT many bubbles. He used to have all 10, but I guess some people got jealous. lol I don't know how he got them all.

BlackBusterCritic3035d ago

So much truth in one post. I'm surprised you kept all those bubbles for this long. +bubbles for ya.

ATi_Elite3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

1. Kinect RROd older 360's will increase 360 sales numbers as Kinect was designed around the Slim 360 anyway.

2. you want quality, go build a PC I got a P3, P4, and a Athlon 64 socket 754 that I've given away to little kids that still work fine. Consoles are not built to last forever except the NEO GEO.

3. This really isn't a major story as who is to say those older 360's weren't on their death beds anyway.

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morkendo233035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

well, u cant BLAME kinect this time. everyone know original 360 has RROD issues,im sure this problem is ONLY!! related to lazy 360 gamers that did not take avantage of warrenty. now COMPLAINTING kinect broke my 360

ijkabob3035d ago

Why are there disagrees on writers block? Do you hope that everybody's gaming system is broken just because they bought an XBOX?

I'm gonna get blocked or banned for this and i don't give a rats *$$. This site has an obvious bias against the 360 with people blindly supporting the PS3 and hating on the XBOX. Why on earth are people basically saying "oh, sucks that more people get to play this great game now that it's out on XBOX as well" And "I hope your console breaks" People like this don't help the industry. They hurt it. They arn't real gamers, just fanboys.

Blacktric3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Welcome to N4G where some of the users becomes happy after seeing headlines like; 360 haz no gaemz in 2011, Kinect makes older 360's get RROD, a kid with cancer got his Xbox 360 blown off and his family died, etc.

On topic; Still have my 60 gig and it works fine. It doesn't even generate too much heat since I'm playing games from HDD and I really don't think that Kinect will cause RROD. It's got a seperate power supply for older models, why the hell would it cause any kind of problem let alone RROD?

trevonn953035d ago

i mostly agree but i think 360 is holding back the industry with the shitty dvd which is typical for micro$oft invade a industry with their $ and software or hardware get footing then hold it back big examples are web browser world and and operating systems and of course gaming

3034d ago
8thnightvolley3035d ago

em hellllooo this is a 2006 model he got kinect or no kinect that shyt was on the verge of bricking .. anyway... so this has nothing to do with kinect .. i am even shocked his 360 came this far from 2006

Bloodyghost3034d ago

This. I think its one problem. If it wasnt we would hear it sooner and louder.

punkpop1013031d ago

Well yeah since those customers are a lot more than those Sony had.

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writersblock3035d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gamer1123035d ago

Oh look,someone who dont like the 360 so he writes a fake article about it to make the ps3 fanboys feel happy in the inside.

dericb113035d ago

Dumbest comment ever. Don't you think this would benefit owners of the 360 to know about a possible problem? I mean you are completely off base with that comment. Think first, then comment.

Gamer1123035d ago

Trust me this article is a fail.
I know ppl who plays kinect on a 60gb xbox and oh surprise, no rrod.

Nitrowolf23035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

here are more people

there are people there saying there box would have died regardless of using Kinect, Utter BS if you ask me considering how many people are reporting on that thread.

However it's possible that it could be the new Dashboard Update as some are reporting.

It seems it's only affecting Old Xbox 360's and not Slims

dericb113035d ago


Comments like your earn bubbles :)
Gamer112 still does not get it :(

DarthRevan3035d ago

That would make sense if it was from some PS board or something
Go on the xbox forums, the OFFICIAL xbox forums and the thread is there with this problem

Gamer1123035d ago

LOL this is a ps3 board the whole of n4g is infested with ps3 fanboys.

-Alpha3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

The source comes from the Xbox forums. Maybe the news is blowing it out of proportion (the source is from a 10 day old forum post with only 2 pages of responses) but it's definitely not fake.

There are numerous posts from people on the forum and unless they are all PS3 trolls with Xbox accounts trying to sabotage the story, it is not "fake"

Note that we get the same with "PS3 FW # X Causes YLOD" articles

Gamer1123035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Seen the link and i admit im wrong about what i said sorry about that.

Microsoft should do something about it and fast :/

But i know ppl who had kinect since it came out on a 60gb old xbox and still plays it with no problems.

Grenadan3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

according to that article only one user experienced RROD from plugging in kinect so how is this news

DarthRevan3035d ago

and many other users are confirming this problem of critical failure, saying that their Xbox was not running hot or experiencing any other warning signs.

Its on the actual Xbox forums too, a bunch of people had the problem

jwk943035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I dont understand how this happens...

Off-Topic: Was "bottom of the avatar's shoe" kept in kinect?

Also, this sucks for people who had new years parties planned around their 360.