GameTrailers: GOTY 2010 Best Software Lineup

With huge games on every platform this year, the decision has never been more difficult! Check out which platform is awarded the GameTrailers Game of the Year Award for Best Software Lineup!

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A change in the wind3038d ago

Wow, the media is all over the 360 this year. I didn`t really see this coming. All the 360 really had going for it this year was XBLA, in retail it was pretty bare.

mintaro3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Didn't it have splinter cell, alan wake, mass effect, fable, and a bunch of other stuff?
I'm not one for list making, but it had a pretty good year.

Masamori Sumimura3038d ago

They did have a pretty decent year. XBLA and Games were pretty good this year. AW , SC:C,ME2,F3,Limbo,DR2:caseZero ,BladeKitten,Trials HD , HaloReach,Metro,PerfectDark,Fo rza3.

pretty good list of games.

vickers5003037d ago


Blade Kitten isn't (nor was it ever)exclusive. It's not even console exclusive.

ABizzel13038d ago

If anybody had a good year it was the PSP.

God of War, Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, ModNation Racers, plus a ton of good multiplat and minis.

But congrats Xbox 360, you did have a good year, as well as the PS3 and the Wii.

Lawliet3038d ago

I agreed. PSP truly deliver this year with amazing line up of games! Absolutely no competition. The total of Console's exclusives were pretty much of a joke with only like 2-5 great games with most can even be found on the PC! Even I think that PC did better than Console, Starcraft2 is an ownage much!

GWAVE3038d ago

PSP had the best year, IMO. I simply can't understand how 360 had a "great" year in anyone's eyes. The 360 really only had two standout games this year: ME2 and Halo Reach, and those were at the very beginning and very end of the year. Splinter Cell, Fable 3, and Crackdown 2 were all quite disappointing. Then again, PS3 disappointed me by pushing LBP2 into 2011, so there ya go.

Masamori Sumimura3038d ago

You can't understand how the xbox had a Great years in anyones eyes because YOu dont have everyones Eyes exactly. Your opinion doesnt reflect other peoples opinions. Now stop crying.

HolyOrangeCows3038d ago

While I'm certain to get gruff for expressing my opinion (And plenty of "ZOMG TEH FANBOY"s), I don't think that the Xbox 360 should have won best lineup over the Wii.

(IMOzorz) Most of Xbox 360's lineup fell very short;
Splinter Cell: Conviction had poor AI, was short, held your hand too much, wasn't a traditional SC game, and had shoot 'em up sections.
Crackdown 2 was a re-skinned Crackdown 1 with the worst type of enemy as its main focus. The missions didn't take advantage of your powers the way that the first did.
Alan Wake required DLC to truely complete the story. It was short and not as good looking as it should have been for a mostly corridor shooter.
Halo Reach took too many hints from Call of Duty to the point of becoming like it.
And Mass Effect 2 is available on the PC and soon Ps3.
As for Kinect, it's not something that 95% of 360 owners are even interested in. Abandonment of your current userbase doesn't count as a thumbs up for the software lineup as a whole, not in my book.

And did everybody like GT's special emphasis on Dance Central?
GT is owned by MTV networks, btw.

jetlian3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

some ointment?!! lol... All your complaints are noted but will be placed on ignore

Most of us could see this coming a mile away. Wii only caters to platforming kids and nerds. DK,MARIO, AND KIRBY all play alike and the same as 15 years ago!!

The ratings they get are truly fanboy based.

3037d ago
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StarScream4Ever3038d ago

I expected Wii or PS3. But really the 360? A few good games but how does the overall software lineup help it to win this really unnecessary award?

ABizzel13038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

They included multiplats, and the Wii didn't have a good line-up until the final half of the year which made it seem like they did great.

PS3 and 360 had games from the beginning and end. Personally I would have considered it a tie between PS3 and 360, as I've been saying, but Mass Effect 2 is giving the 360 that extra push for the win, even though it's multiplat with the PC and coming to the PS3 next year (because looking outside of Mass Effect the rest of MS line-up was on par with Sony's blow for blow). The 360 had a much better year compared to 2009, and the PS3 had a better 2009 then 2010, so that's another factor in why the 360 is winning these software awards. But if you honestly look at everything you'd see it was virtually a tie between the two. If you didn't have both consoles then you missed something this year.

redDevil873038d ago


This award was based on exclusives...

StarScream4Ever3038d ago

I own both console but overall the 360 was collecting dust during the summer while I hammer out trophies and lol with friends on Wii. And getting owned in Starcraft.

PlayerX3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

"the Wii didn't have a good line-up until the final half of the year"

What are you smoking?

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
Monster Hunter Tri.
Trauma Team
Super Mario Galaxy 2

I could go on. All in the first half of the year.

ABizzel13038d ago

And of all those games how many were critical success (2), and how many were financial success (2). As I was saying the Wii didn't get it's bread and butter until the second half of the year.

PlayerX3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

@ABizzel1 Lol Ignorance is truly your bliss

Let's see what the metacritic rankings are.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle 84
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars 85
Monster Hunter Tri. 84
Trauma Team 82
Super Mario Galaxy 2 97

So you think that only 2 of these where critical successes? Lol.

And don't even get me started on sales. Some people are just sad.

ABizzel13038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

@Player X

Well you proved my point even more

Only one of those games was a critical success. An 8 - 8.5/10 is a good score, but it's not a critical success. Now compare what you just posted to the scores Nintendo games received the second half of the year.

It's not looking to good for you is it. Now go back to room and play, the adults are talking, and since you can't speak without calling people names, stay in there.

Achemki3037d ago

On par blow for blow? Numbers wise maybe, quality wise...notta. Not even.

Meta averages:

GOW3=92...Halo Reach=91
Gran Turismo 5=84...Fable3=80
3D Dot Game Heroes=77...Deadly Premonition=68
ModNation Racers=82...Metro 2033=77
Sly Collecton=87...Splinter Cell Conviction=85
Heavy Rain=87...Alan Wake=83

Unless you count Sony losing exclusivity to Quantum Theory as being equal to MS losing exclusivity to Mass's pretty much in favor of the left.

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redDevil873038d ago

Wii and PC had much better software lineups =\

Achemki3037d ago

Say huh?! 8-8.5 avg isn't a critical success? Coming from someone who says "adults are talking", that's a pretty kindergarten view of things.

Some of the best rated series of this gen' (Battlefield, COD, BioShock, Fable, Uncharted, Resistance, L4D, Ratchet & Clank) have at least a game or two in the mid to high 80's. Is Demon's Souls not a critical success because one pissy score from the Official Playstation Magazine Australia dropped its Meta' avg from 90 to 89?

UP3038d ago

I thought the Wii or PC was going to win. Oh well next year will probably be different (as of right now anyway).

chidori6663038d ago

are you kidding me? is this a fucking joke? the 360 had 2 good games, and thats it!

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