Column: Kinect and Move need better games

The Gamer Sheep owns and loves both Kinect and Move. Each has its strength and offers something worthwhile. But each needs better titles and needs them fast as the holiday season speeds away.

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MintBerryCrunch3033d ago

i think most 3rd party devs are holding off until they see a proven success for either that is a full-fledged Move/Kinect game built from the ground up and will actually be able to compete with the core games for both systems...Sorcery comes to mind when i think of the far as Kinect, it has different projects under way, but not a lot of info on what they are and what they will be capable of come release day

GWAVE3032d ago

Yeah, the peripherals need BIGGER games, because as sales show, gamers are clearly willing to buy into both of them. My buddies were over last night trying out Move Sports Champions and they had a blast doing sword-fighting, table-tennis, and disc golf (they disc in real life, too). But each of them said that they wish there were more "fleshed out" games, because they'd definitely play them.

darthv723032d ago

This is an obvious generalization. It could be applied to virtually any game related product when released.

Time for a little rationalizing. "Better" in what sense? Seeing as better is more of a subjective term like value (not monetary). People see things differently and there is no fault there. It is when someone tries to pass off their view as a standard to which others must adhere to.

The real title should relate to the subject matter: "appeal". Because people have different tastes, not every title will appeal to everyone. That does not mean their presence in gaming is invalidated. For example, my wife loves Dr. Mario, tetris, other puzzle games. They dont appeal to me but I understand their relevance in gaming.

I prefer god of war, halo, etc and my wife wont touch them. Understandable. It is inevitable that games will progress as time goes by. To think there would not be "better" ones days, weeks or months from now is ludicrous.

It is a matter of personal opinion whether or not the ones currently available appeal to anyone. So far, it looks like they do. To others that expect more...they are coming.

showtimefolks3032d ago

as gamers we can all agree

move one thing i hope is that sorcery game can be played with DS3 i think sony said all their games will be able to be played with DS3

but in 2011 move will get some hardcore titles and i was reading somewhere epic is working on a new game for natal

Bigpappy3032d ago

If Sorcery uses DS3, then Move is in serious trouble. There are currently several Move games that can not be played with the DS3. Sports Champion is the perfit example of such a game. If Sony plans to grow Move as a device of any significance on the PS3, they need to make games like sorcery exclusive to the device.

Godmars2903033d ago

Though there should have been follow up games out by now. Not just a bunch of stuff with "TBA" release dates and next to no gameplay footage about them.

SprSynJn3032d ago

Gamer Sheep need better articles.

gta_manic3032d ago

How did we not think of this...Better Games, so crazy it might just work

RedRedSuitSDF3032d ago

Imagine that... Kinect and Move need better games... Just like the PS3 and 360 when they first came out.

Jesus... isn't anything allowed to come out of the gates, and not have the best games right away?

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The story is too old to be commented.