Fox, U join PlayStation service

In the area of digital content, the PS3 scores two more movie studios, Fox and Universal.

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Godmars2903037d ago

Have to wonder what the reaction would be if Sony put a Netflix/Hulu style subscription service on PSN similar but separate to PS+.

Not that I think they would put up direct competition against other streaming services on PSN, still, they are apparently getting ready to roll roll out Qriocity.

R2D23037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

@Godmars - To measure your waist on PSN, make sure you measure your model and then take off about 2-3 inches of elastic. I know that sounds drastic, but as you put on the tulle and tighten it, it stretches the elastic out and makes it if you don’t take down the waist size before, your waist will end up really big and you will be taking it half apart. Trust me, I did it twice.

Edit: Sorry, Meant to say PS+ and to answer your PM it might fit you.

kramun3036d ago

For some reason I found R2D2's comment quite amusing. And I'm still not quite sure why :\

BLACKBOIJONES3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

WTF?????? I am always speechless when i read ur comments. real talk :|

EDIT:- Sorry, double post my laptop crashed.

RedDevils3036d ago

Do guys notice the tile intention, FOX U? WTF lol

OT: Great news more studio = more better for us

Hozi893036d ago


I am clueless as to what you are talking about because I can't possibly imagine how it relates to what Godmars said but It is indeed amusing to have read ur post.

It's also not that hard to understand if your not trying to make sense out of it...He means that if you don't trim down your PS3 a few inches first...It will be too big/fat..when you put it back together because the "elastic" apparently stretches....WTF?!

thereapersson3036d ago

Fucking LOL @ all the disagrees R2D2 received. He's not even bashing either system! That is beyond hilarious.

AAACE53036d ago

I have moved my netflix account to Ps3 to see how it works and it works well. I was thinking of signing up for hulu plus, but decided to try out regular hulu using the ps3 browser and I wasn't impressed! I waited over 10 minutes to play a 22 minute video and it never started. I hope hulu plus is more stable than that. Is anyone using hulu plus who can tell me how it works? I know they offer the free week, but I don't want to waste the time if I don't have to.

WildArmed3036d ago

I think it's talking about Fox and Universal (the U in the topic) as they are the new content providers

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Focker4203036d ago

I'm really getting tired of all of this good news.... lol j/k

Xusuyzus3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

bro,.. Sony is good to there customers,.. besides,.. they get there cut anyway, they make tons of movies themselves,.. so they just said: fuck it,..more way for people to get the content, the better,..and did not gimp Netflix as 360 did,.

@Zachmo182 ,.. I think they took out the search function,.. and some other shit,.. basically you needed a PC,..

Zachmo1823036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

How did they gimp netflix on the 360?

It has one it had one since Nov. But correct me if i'm wrong but didnt you need a disk and also had to use your pc to get movies on netflix with the PS3. YES you did. Basically at one time they both were gimped. They have the same shit now.

rekof3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I am glad for you Zachmo182. I personally gave my 360 to my young nephew long long time ago, so I would not know either.

Godmars2903036d ago

More like the 360 gimped Netflix. Confining it to one popular streaming medium for nearly a year when it could have been on three as the Netflix people sought to expand their users. Thanks in part to a MS exec who's on the Netflix board and pushed exclusivity through.

Though in typical fashion that short term choice seems to have hurt the 360 in the long run. What with search features and audio better on the PS3 even when it was on disc. Probably because of the XBL movie sharing feature causing extra code that Netflix is dealing with on their own time.

Somnipotent3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )


same shit with the exception of an additional xbl gold account needed to even use netflix. i would rather take the free disc than pay an additional fee on top of my netflix fee to use it.

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r1sh123036d ago

Im not sure if its dominance, I think that Microsoft will end up getting the Film studios on board, It would make more sense for the film studios to be multiplatform. Makes more money for them.
Whether it will actually materialise is another issue, I will say this as media players, both have their share of pro's and Con's. I think as digital distribution of content goes, the PS3 is winning. MS Zune has like 12 (could be more, but feels like 12)films in the UK, ps3 has way more...
Personally it makes no difference to me, because I buy most films on Blu ray, paying to stream/download them is a little long, I would rather own a disc than a file which could be lost at any time.
On another note, the PS renting system is a little harsh on the amount of time/number of times I can view something also.

GermJockey3036d ago

Remember when game systems were just game systems? They weren't movie rental boxes or internet browsers, just game systems.

Anyway, good for them scoring new studios. For the people who use their systems for these things.

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Dom63903037d ago

I swear PSN has had universal films from the beginning? correct me if I'm wrong

Soldierone3036d ago

Was thinking the same thing. Fast and Furious has been on there and several others have all been on there. I think it meant to rent? as their movies were not always availible to rent, just to purchase.

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negroguy3036d ago

Wonder how many ppl use the video store. Me personally if I want to see a movie i will go to the theater on day 1. If not I will wait for it to show up online for free. Although quality is of course better on PSN compared to a random online video site.

guerojose3036d ago

Example: Nothing in my Netflix instant queue grabs me. I refuse to give Comcast one ppv dime. Ooh, I can watch Inception again, in HD.

Doesn't mean this has to be my primary way of watching movies, but occasionally. And not everyone is down with getting movies online "for free".

dougr3036d ago

I've wanted to use the video store, but I'm not going to pay, I think it is $6 to rent an HD version of a new movie when I can head out to blockbuster and rent it on blu-ray for $3 for three days. If they lowered the rent price to $3 for 24 hours I'd use the video store much more, but as the price is now, there is no chance I'd download. As far as new movies go, there is also no way I'm going to buy a digital copy of a movie when I can buy a Bluray/DVD/Digital copy bundle on most new movies for 5-6 more dollars than it costs for digital only on PSN.

Soldierone3036d ago

Totally agree. Id buy more movies and what not if the prices were not inflated. 6 bucks to rent a movie for 24 hours?! Go to Redbox and pay a dollar for the same time frame. Gas? Redbox is at every corner store in any popular area, if its that big of a deal then walk. Pay 20 to 25 bucks to own the movie? Go get the bluray which comes with tons more extra content and wont take up hard drive space.

The logic in the prices is flawed. If theyd lower them they would get tons more customers.

Deleting3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Universal....I think I'm wrong but don't they have something to do with Crash Bandicoot or they owned the rights while studios created it.

If thats true dosen't that mean Sony can give us a good Crash/Spyro game again ?

Undeadwolfy3036d ago

You may be onto something here. hmmm

Senden3036d ago

MR FLIBBLE!!!!!! God that picture just left me on the floor in stitches just remembering the episode.. bubbles for you good sir!

Pedobear Rocks3036d ago

Spyro and Crash are controlled by Activision...Activision is owned by Vivendi...Vivendi owns 12% of NBC Universal (of which Universal Movies is part)...seems a stretch

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