Dead Space 2: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 - HD graphic comparison

Videogameszone is showing an HD graphic comparison between the demo versions of Dead Space 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3. To enlarge the images, click on "full-size image" in the lower left corner.

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SMOK3xFFx2860d ago

The top images look consistantly better. the bottom ones usualy look to washed out/bright.

Omega Archetype2860d ago

I agree! I had to check it out anyways though.

The differences are negligible. They look nearly identical to me. Wish they'd be more precise with their screenshots though. The first screen the lighting's different due to Isaac being positioned further down the corridor.

Only difference I see is that it seems like one had it's brightness higher then the other. I personally prefer the one that's slightly darker, but they're practically identical.

samuraiX2860d ago

There is no difference, both are identical
there is only difference in brightness level.

Quagmire2859d ago

Good to know someone isnt wearing their Fanboy goggles on N4G. Theyr are practically the same, its not as different as say most games running on Unreal engine.

visualb2859d ago



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SuperSaiyan42860d ago

Top image looks scratchy bottom one looks smoother...But which ones which??

HolyOrangeCows2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

EDIT: (From actual article - which SHOULD have been the link the contributor posted) "Although the graphics look on the Playstation 3 products a little darker"

Top - Ps3
Bottom - 360

They made some of the textures resolutions WAAAAY too low. Some details on the walls just look downright ugly.

PimpHandHappy2860d ago

when i hear all these ppl say this looks better on this system over the other, most times its 360ppl saying it looks better because DF or some other websites based solely on testing graphics between the two system (PS3&360) says so. They would never get hits if all they said "It looks dam good compared to the old days"

the truth is
i am a Sony backer because i love the games and ALL GAMES i have played using my PS3 have looked GREAT! I dont even notice screen tearing or anti-alising or whatever you call it. I play a game for the fun

Dead Space is a day one buy for me!!! PS3 all day!!! Oh wait the guy with the Halo avitar says 360 has kicked PS3 ass again!!! I better read this :-/

nycredude2860d ago

These comparisons are lame. Visceral has already proven with the first Deadspace that they know the hardware. Deadspace is awesome so it's a day one for me. Is there a PC version?

FanboyPunisher2860d ago

Comparisons between consoles is far to small to matter; its pathetic.

PC is the only way to play when you have the choice, and even more so now with gaming pc's being as cheap as 400 dollars (the price of a console basically.

Moral of the story, it isnt worth caring about.

ufo8mycat2860d ago

If its a RTS then yes PC. FPS even as well, but thats debatable.

Everything else, definitely not.

I have the choice to play on PC (playing starcraft 2 atm), but I choose not to, simply because other then RTS, consoles are much better. Just like playing an RTS on console wouldn't be right at all.

The beauty of owning all platforms.

iamgoatman2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


"FPS even as well, but thats debatable."

How is it debatable? Mouse and keyboard is by far the superior way to play FPS games, also having the ability to run a game at 60+FPS helps a great deal in terms of accuracy, something very few console FPS games can achieve. Plus in a lot of cases you don't have to rely on crappy P2P services when you have the option to use dedicated servers, which eliminates any lag.

The only reason why you wouldn't use a PC for a certain genre is if that genre had very few games available on PC. Take TPS games for example, a genre that's pretty sparse on PC, although the few titles that are available like Gears of War 1 are superior to their console counterparts. You also don't have to use a kb+m for such games as every current gen console controller works on PC.

Racing games are also better played on PC believe it or not, despite missing out on a handful of exclusive racers on both console, pretty much all multiplat racing games are available along with many exclusives of it's own, and the only place to play hardcore sims. Again like with FPS games, having the option to run the game at 60+FPS helps enormously when it comes to driving precision, with PC also having the largest wheel support of any platform.

Like I mentioned above, the only genres that are best played on consoles are the ones absent from the PC platform, like sports games. Everything else is better because of the options a PC can provide, and not just the graphics which some people seem to think is all that PCs are good for.

But if you're talking about the difference in quality between different genres on PC and consoles, that's another matter and certainly debatable, but in terms of how something plays, options reign supreme.

And apologies for the long rant.

jneul2860d ago

they look equal to me

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