X360A Review: Fallout: New Vegas' Dead Money

Spare a thought for Fallout: New Vegas' poor courier... Not only does he begin the main game being shot in the head and buried, but he also falls foul of a raw deal in the game's first DLC chapter. As you'd expect with a title like Dead Money, there's more double dealing afoot as greed leads your character into being haplessly coaxed into a trap, having picked up a radio signal that lures you down into an old Brotherhood of Steel bunker. Here, you're gassed and fitted with an explosive collar along with three other subjects, who you must gather and team up with to snatch a legendary treasure from an ill-fated casino that never opened.

Working against your will at the behest of the shady Father Elijah, your Pip-Boy and collar are under his control, meaning that any attempts to escape or disobey are futile. Step out of line and your head will get blown clean off along with your three partners in crime, but that's not all. The streets surrounding the looming Sierra Madre casino are draped in an acrid red toxic gas known as The Cloud, which in Hardcore mode causes your health to very slowly decay. Run into a concentrated toxic cloud however, and the fatal levels of copper and sulphur mean that you're almost certainly done for, even in Casual mode.

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