Examiner: Echochrome 2 Review

Examiner: For a very brief moment in time, I was the #1 player in echochrome ii in the world. Granted, I was reviewing the game and the only other people playing were other reviewers, but let’s not let that little detail get in the way of my accomplishment. echochrome ii is the type of the puzzle game that pushes you to strive for perfection and does it all with a smile. Coincidentally, you might even come across an actual picture of a smile in the game.

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clearelite2858d ago

I will most likely be buying this game soon. I am overwhelmed with games right now as it is and LBP2, ME2, KZ3, etc. aren't even out yet. So, I will keep it in mind and purchase it when the time is right. Looks like a lot of fun and intellectually stimulating as well.

blackburn52858d ago

Another great review for Endochrome 2. In your face IGN. Tumble gave me a message to pass on to you.'Screw you!'