Analysis: Selling cheaper games for fun and profit

GamePro contributor Pete Davison covers the thorny issue of downloadable content supplanting "complete" boxed video game experiences.

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ShadowPraxis2859d ago

I'd love to see the industry mess around more with different pricing structure, but the whole DLC bundle issue does make things a bit problematic.

Ducky2859d ago

Perhaps like KillingFloor?

The game gets free updates, but there's cosmetic DLC for $2 which contain around 4 character models.
The point is, if you want to support the game, buy the DLC. Otherwise, enjoy it for free.

nevin12859d ago

hmm, initial price $39.99 but overtime it will be $59.99? sounds like a good idea but developers will hold back even more then they are now.

solar2859d ago

lost me at justifying us paying $50/$60 for a game and paying for a small amount of content at 1/4 the price of the so called "final product".

DLC =/= expansions