In-depth Review: SingStar Dance - Electronic Theatre

SingStar Dance is one of two spin-offs for Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) hugely popular karaoke game franchise brought about by the capabilities of the PlayStation Move motion-controller. The second title, SingStar Guitar, could easily be seen as a cynical attempt to cash-in on a market that has found enjoyment in the Guitar Hero franchise but is unwilling to shell-out for an expensive peripheral which only operates with one single game. SingStar Dance however, is of a more progressive design; a game intent on pushing forward it’s genre after years of stagnation.

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tatotiburon2863d ago

another lame intent to fight against dance central

cliffbo2863d ago

another one to add to the 50+ MOVE games... but i'll pass on this one

EVO-OM3GA2863d ago

50+ Move Games care to show me your list

EVO-OM3GA2863d ago

I can this game doing really well in the UK Singstar has always been a popular title among the casuals

liquid_brandon2862d ago

So....where is the in-depth review of how well the dance mechanics work? That's kinda the whole point of reading the review.

"While on the surface there is nothing inherently wrong with the motion-control aspect of SingStar Dance, it does very little to out-manoeuvre its growing legion of competitors." That isn't telling me a thing about accuracy.