LittleBigPlanet 2 review - 10/10 in OPM

World's first verdict in shops this week

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disturbing_flame4364d ago

LBP2 is by far better better than the first episode, it's the facebook and lego of gaming, sad it's only on ps3.

SonyNGP4364d ago

I fail to see how it's sad.

visualb4364d ago

i'd call it the facebook, lego and newgrounds of gaming

and its not sad its only on the PS3

without sony/PS3, LBP franchise wouldn't exist

its symbiotic, without one there would be no other!!! (although I believe without LBP there would still be a PS3 and Sony xD)

10/10? wow...I have a feeling this game will either be super critically acclaimed, or get beaten down for being too ahead of its time!


such a genre defining game.

i actually agree as its such a great game,but then exclusives differentiate consoles and thats where nintendo and sony were smart and invested in first party.

well done media molecule, now waiting for a review docking points because LBP2 has too much variety smh

nix4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

i'm sure they can buy PS3 if they want to. it's any day a better console!

plus... even if they give 0/10... i'll buy it! can't wait!

Chucky20034364d ago

sad cause its only on PS3??this is the point of exclusives,this is the point in buying one console over the other

get2sammyb4364d ago

The whole point of exclusive games is to define the ethos of a specific platform. It really saddens me when gamers lust for a one platform future where consoles are essentially set-top boxes.

If people want to play the game, they need to get a PlayStation. Same with Super Mario and Halo. It'll be a sad day when the exclusive game dies. :(

Rainstorm814364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Thanks to Sony and Nintendo......Exclusive games have a long life ahead

On topic: As great as i think LBP2 will be....I take reviews from Single platform publications with a grain of salt.....but then again i take all reviews with a grain of salt.. :-)

falloutx4364d ago

Awesome, I platinumed LBP1 & i'll try to platinum LBP2.

BrutallyBlunt4364d ago

I agree, it is a shame it's only on the Playstation 3 for the mere fact this game is all about sharing. It would be really nice to open it up to the XBOX360 and especially the PC community.

On the flip side i think it was Sony who took interest in Media Molecule so of course they want the IP to stay with them.

I owned the original game but didnt create one level. This one sounds like its easier and hopefully quicker so maybe i will this time. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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karl4364d ago


dude.. its quite simple

LBP being and awesome game.. helps promote the ps3..

sony being the owners of such studio.. will be able to help it even more in the future... if more ps3s are sold

support PS3 = support a better gaming future =)

so know u know why some of us wouldnt want this gem on 360...

Ducky4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

^ Or sony could just get a cut from each sold copy.
There'd still be profit.

Actually, are PS3's still sold at loss? O.o
It used to be that actual profit was earned through software, not hardware. Not sure how it is now.

A game like LPB would be wonderful on the PC along with the PS3 (cross-platforming sharing could mean more content) but alas it'll have to be the PS3.

jneul4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

If you want LBP2 get a ps3 simples.

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AEtherbane4364d ago

I mean, LPB2 is EVERY game possible all at once, so how can it not get a 10?

fr0sty4364d ago

you must consider that without ps3, this game may not have existed. MS is a lot more strict on their online stuff (limits on free DLC, which would have killed this game since it basically is based on the idea of free DLC), and nintendo's online setup is horrible. So, PS3 was the best choice.

Montrealien4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

fr0sty, the only thing I could compare LBP2 with on the 360 would XNA and lets face it, the stuff people are making with that these days is pretty awesome and it is self governed by the creators.

download the free tools and let yourself loose. :)

Not saying LBP2 will be a bad game and I am sure that the opm review gave it a 10/10 because it deserved it. I am sure it will be great.But I think that what people make with XNA for the 360 is pretty special and the people that make stuff for it can also make a few bucks.

Biggest4364d ago

The XNA system is not a game. It is not brand new user friendly. They are alike only in that creation happens. I am extremely excited right now. Knowing that printed reviews have already tried LBP2 means that I am that much closer to touching it myself.

Montrealien4364d ago

So you are saying the main draw of LBP2 is not the creation of small bite size games? Could of fooled me. All I am saying is that the stuff I have been seing done for the Xbox on XNA is light years ahead of what we will see on LBP2 and its much less limited, which is what Fr0sty was implying.

and why do we even have a LBP2, I remember the first one being supported for years and years and years, it would be the only game would would ever need.

cervantes994364d ago

So people should buy a PS3 - problem solved.

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gaffyh4364d ago

@Montrealien - I agree with you, but you can't really compare XNA with LBP2. XNA are developers tools, albeit free to use, but do require a certain amount of technical know how. LBP2 is a game on the surface (campaign), with impressive user-friendly game-building tools.

That's the main thing, the fact that pretty much anyone can make a game in LBP2, no matter how crappy it is, without an ounce of programming knowledge.

The only thing that can really compare with LBP is Create and the Xbox game Boku (I think? maybe they renamed it).

Anarki4364d ago

If any game will get top marks - it's LBP2.

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Danteh4364d ago

Not surprised in the least.

LPB1 was the best game this gen (and the most magical one) and LBP2 is like a milion times better

97 Meta I guess :D

RageAgainstTheMShine4364d ago

What would be sad is how Microsoft will downplay this PS3 exclusive like they did with GT5 media buyout.

You can bet they have the budget to down play every PS3 exclusive game that will ever come out from now on.

From LBP2 to Uncharted 3 they will not just stand there and watch the competition win it all. They will make sure these exclusives don't sell that much to its potential.

I just hope they answer with another great game & not hitting below Sony's belt. Sigh...

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Peppino74364d ago

I think everyone knows this game has the potential to be perfect. Great first score.

vsr4364d ago

Right Game Right Score

-Alpha4364d ago

This game has no reason not to get perfect scores across the board and average as high as 97 on Metacritic. I'm that confident in the game

DORMIN4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

I'm curious to see what critics will say this time around and if they will take into account the Millions of existing levels already made.

In LBP1 reviews the game was marked down many times for "relying on users to make levels" or "unsure whether there will be a community". That's different now condsidering LBP2 comes with those Millions of levels out of the box. I even remember reading one review that shot LBP down with"what if someone didn't have Internet access?" Pleaase, what if someone bought CoD without Internet access? I've not seen one review that would considering asking a question like that. Lol

Anyways back on topic: Nice score, can't wait!

Christopher4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

With the potential to find a game that suits your needs entirely with just this one 'application', how can it not result in very high scores?

What sport game do you want to play? It has them all.
How about an FPS?
Puzzle game?
Do we need to keep going?

LBP2 really isn't a game so much as a content generation enabler and provider on the PS3 console.

DragonKnight4364d ago

The game will get marked down somewhere, and still not beat out Mario Galaxy 2, for stupid reasons like story, music, or "too much variety" *cough*Gamespot*cough*.

Or the reviewers will make a 2 second attempt at creating a level, fail miserably, and mark it down for that.

Or they will take some kind of issue with the online play.

You can bet the reviewers will trump up something to b1tch about.

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Spider0504364d ago

And so it begins
Great game :D
So cute Sackboy :D

manman64364d ago

What a 10 out of 10?
I was expecting it to get higher 20 out of 10 lol

Motorola4364d ago

Wait till the world gets their hands on this and makes games and levels. THEN its a 20/10

amiga-man4364d ago

I loved the first LBP and cant wait for this, i was amazed at what could be created in the first, its hard to imagine how much better lbp2 could be, as i said cant wait.

saladthieves4364d ago

First reviews are rolling in and frankly a perfect score was expected at some time, given the huge crazy things that this game, still in beta by the way, is accomplishing.

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stonecold34364d ago

goty or even uncharted 3 for me man cant wait its going to be year 2011 ? peace out

visualb4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

funny thing =P

Having Killzone 3, LBP2, Uncharted 3 AND The Last Guardian not to mention Deus Ex: HR, Batman Arkham City, L.A. Noire and Gears 3 all competing for best game of 2011

its too epic =P

rrw4364d ago

2011 will be toughest decision for choosing GOTY. especially for PS3

it probably the best GOTY ever.

Inferno4364d ago

Don't forget infamous 2

AceofStaves4364d ago

My bank account will weep at its emptiness. :D

ApexHell4364d ago

my bank account is already empty :(

MrAwesome4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Also Skyrim, ES4 and Fallout 3 got GOTY, I think it's UC3's biggest competition so far.

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syrion4364d ago

LBP 2 only does everything

SnakeMustDie4364d ago

So its a GOTY contender. Looks like LBP2 is the ME2 of 2011.

buffig4364d ago

LBP2 looks like the LBP of 2011

SnakeMustDie4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Yeah but LBP didn't come out during January last 2008. Furthermore, the game might win some GOTY awards even when the game is released early 2011(Like ME2). I forgot to add that the community content of LBP1 is backwards compatible and can be accessed in LBP2.(Like the decisions you made in ME1 will affect ME2)

Urmomlol4364d ago

10/10 from OPM? NO WAI!

Just kiddding --awesome score. Can't wait.

Vherostar4364d ago

I kinda agree its like Halo not getting a 10/10 from OXM you knew it was gonna get 10/10 I am not saying it don't deserve the score it does (well from the beta alone I can tell) but the official mags gonna give there exclusive top games top scores.

moegooner884364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

PSM3 gave Infamous 71%

Iamback4364d ago

PSM3 is PSM3, OPM is OPM, not the same in case you didn't notice

Vherostar4364d ago

PSM isn't official OPM is..

moegooner884364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

@iamback, i noticed but that's not the point what i am trying to say is that if you check the metacritic rating for a lot of PS3 exclusives (GOW3 for instance) you will notice that the rating average is sometimes higher than the score assigned by the official magazine.

perfectCarbonara4364d ago

OPM just means they ONLY review Sony games, It's not like they're funded by Sony or anything.

What would the point be of being a reviewer when everybody knows you'll dish out 9's and 10's left and right to PS3 exclusives anyways.

If OPM give this game a 10/10 It's well deserved.

alien6264364d ago

they review third party games too not only sony made

darren_poolies4364d ago

@ moegooner88

PSM3 isn't an official Playstation magazine.

moegooner884364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

I know but it's just as popular as the OPM ;)

EVILDEAD3604364d ago

Lol @ UrmomLol for keeping it real..

OPM better give LBP2 a 10 of 10 or heads would roll..

Nah..OPM will suprise you sometimes

They spit in the face of reviewers and gave Final Fantasy XIII a 10 out of 10..but they also hammered M.A.G.

So with that said LBP2 should be a great title..the first was truly an original gem..still fun to this day

mastiffchild4364d ago

I think they're the very fairest of the supposed "official" single platform mags to be honest. KZ2 didn't get a perfect score when everywhere else was giving it one, they didn't warm to MAG, have been critical of Move games and unafraid to go against the grain with certain multiplat games by giving them high scores even when the PS3 version was meant to be inferior(Bayonetta scored well as did TOB-even though I think there's very little wrong with the PS3 version of Bayo post patch and I played THAT version in preference to the 360 one-got both free-and way too much was made of a few load times and frame drops)and so on.

OPMUK just cannot be relied on to hand out the tens like confetti to Sony exclusives and I think they, along with several one platform mags deserve some credit this gen for being fairer than some multiplat sites/mags and writers.

Objective4364d ago

Having said that LBP1 was great, chances are LBP2 should be better if they stick to the same template and offer even more options.

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