Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference to be Streamed

Andriasang writes: "Square Enix has opened up registration for January's 1st Production Department Premier event, an event that was formerly known as the "Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference."

Members of the "Square Enix Members" fan site are able to put their names down to attend the event, which takes place on the evening of January 18 at the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi. Only 300 will be invited across the event's two showings (one at 18:00 and one at 20:00)."

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Optical_Matrix3525d ago

I look forward to this. I really want to see what Square Enix can do with the PS3. An Final Fantasy that really pushes the PS3 (much like FFXII pushed the PS2) is all I want to see. That's the main reason I want this to stay exclusive. Just to see the results of some tight work with the Cell. Imagine an RPG with the same production values graphically and gameplay wise to Uncharted 2 or God of War III. Amazing no?

Newtype3525d ago

they better, or else they are going out of business.

thereapersson3525d ago

Their lack of focus this generation and spreading themselves too thin on a myriad of average-to-mediocre games across too many systems is what has brought them into the current downward spiral we are seeing.

Also, where the f*ck is Versus XIII? At this rate, we won't see it until the launch of the PS4...

beavis4play3525d ago

from thereapersson: "Also, where the f*ck is Versus XIII? At this rate, we won't see it until the launch of the PS4... "

hell,yea! bubbles for that. it's hard to figure them out. they wait soooooo long to bring a game out and by the time they do - only the japanese care about it. i would think they'd like to get FFv13 out before the end of 2011 - but now look at the competition they'll face from just sony exclusives! i'm very surprised the way they're dragging their heels on this one.

vsr3525d ago

Only On Playstation

True FF Fans will be excited

Bolts3525d ago

FF 13's was an emo corridor simulator and their latest FF MMO was a total freaking failacoaster. I have no faith in this company anymore and fear for the future of the franchises like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex.

Baka-akaB3525d ago

tss again with that crap .

SE is only the new publisher . Deus ex and tomb raider were already well underway ... so not yet eidos projects truly affected by Square's input .

Hell so far , square's arrival only had positive impact on deus ex ... with their whole cgi team for some rather gorgeous cutscenes .

I'm all for trashing SE for their faults , but let's not pin global warming on them as well .

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Neckbear3525d ago

"Hurrr townz in HD r too hardz!"

Remember that?


MaideninBlack3525d ago

They're going to showing old footage of the game as well, but I guess that makes it new to us. :/

Stealth20k3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Square is still making a shit load of money regardless.

Hell 2009 was a record year for square in terms of pure profit

And if dragon quest X launches next year, forget about it. Not to mention 3rd birthday, another ff iv, and much more

RedDead3525d ago

Hmmm, Japan is about + 9 on the GMT Right? that means 11 o clock and 1 o clock in the day for me :)

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