New Tales Series Developments at Jump Festa

Andriasang: Xillia is a no show, but Namco Bandai does manage to share a few bits about Graces F and Radiant Mythology 3.

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sinncross4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

The newly announced Xillia is a no show?
Wow Namco... unexpected...

That said, I think you guys need to get some localisation done... heck, just translating the text would be good enough for now. I'm sure Namco will be surprised at the decent reception it would receive, much like SEGA and Yakuza 3.

MetalFreakMike4301d ago

They need to bring them to America and to the PS3 and to stop complaining about sales. You bring the tales games over and put them on a console that people use for RPG's and you will have your sales. I think Final Fantasy 13 sales should of been enough for them to want to bring these games over.