LittleBigPlanet 2 - Final Fantasy VII Gameplay

E4G: Gameplay of a user created FF VII level in LittleBigPlanet 2.

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trounbyfire4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

LBP is only creates everything.

you can make games that don't even look lije LBP

MGRogue20174822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

Ya, You can make your own game engine entirely from scratch.

No joke. That's what the developers at Media Molecule want the community to do.

Ducky4822d ago

Their own game engine?
How does that work? O.o

soundslike4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

well I think I heard that people can actually use basic logic?

It might not be an "engine" per say, but it could be, given enough bored engineer students and time.

Brewski0074822d ago

I didnt expect anything that epic if i'm honest, but this looks fantastic. Gonna have to definately pick this up! Can't wait to play peoples creations and this one will be definately on my hitlist :) . This is the start of something awesome !

pixelsword4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

The beauty of LBP is that any game can be made.

The sad thing is that the only games people will note are those that will emulate other games.

DORMIN4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )


Got the CE edition preordered

Marceles4822d ago

I'm impressed already just with the Chocobo cut out, wow....

Millah4822d ago

Here's what I want to see. Entirely original new JRPGs that are on the same level of old classics like FFVII and Chrono Trigger. I know there will be at least one out there. The things people can do never cease to amaze me.

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Azmacna4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

it does sound odd, but it's largely true. there are a lot of people using the holgraphic material to create entirely unique games and animations. they have to write their own engine to do that. when this game releases you will see some incredible things.


not incredible at the moment, but you can see the potential given the time and removing the threat of deletion

pixelsword4822d ago

Nice, that's what I want to see: games going in a new direction.

TronEOL4822d ago (Edited 4822d ago )

They have a really cool platformer I played in the Beta, I can't quite remember it, but you're a lizard that collects pears and you fight a giant fire breathing snake at the end.

I was very impressed when I played it.

They also have some fully-working Tower Defense games on the LBP2 beta. I only left for a week or two, and there are much better games than last time.

*Note that I typed "Games". Levels aren't the only things people make now.

EDIT: Found it

Dee_914822d ago

i wouldnt call LB2 a game

how ever one of the the games in LB2 could be GOTY :)
LB2 should be Console of the year lol

Solid_Malone4822d ago

Just thinking back, if it wasnt for Phil Harrison, we wouldn't be enjoying this game. I applaud you Phil Harrison, if your up there! R.I.P LoL :p

FiftyFourPointTwo4822d ago

I just signed in to say WOW!!! This is amazing! FFVII Remake becomes a reality. lol

Pixel_Enemy4822d ago

I will give this creator my full support. Any thing I can do to help make this a reality I am all for it. Think if he had teams of people helping to develop FF7 from beginning to end in LBP!!! I would replay the hell out of that game!!

HolyOrangeCows4822d ago

Shoot, you can create anything in LBP2.

user8586214822d ago

Full remake?? or a tiny tint tiny tiny tiny tiny section of the game?

Capt-FuzzyPants4822d ago

Probably the latter option.

FinalSpartan4822d ago

just wow that amazing :D FF7 remake in LBP2! IT ONLY CREATES EVERYTHING!

Some people are going to be very jealous of this game..... :P

Vherostar4822d ago

Just amazing.. Thats what it is..

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Optical_Matrix4822d ago

Amazing. Btw thats FFVII (7)..not FFXII (12)

dkblackhawk504822d ago

*doh but it is an amazing video :D

shepowy4822d ago

Cool premise. It would be a bit better if during the top down view the character wasn't floating around.

Pixel_Enemy4822d ago

as long as it plays correctly I don't care. I want to see this become a reality. Re create the game from beginning to end!

curtis3944822d ago

Loooks great !! Wrong Finaly Fantasy though :/