Fatal Inertia Gameplay Screenshots

Here are some new images of Koei's PS3 sci-fi hover craft racing game Fatal Inertia, during the race you can obtain one of the 8 weapon / powerup items when you run on top of the weapon pad. The weapons include magnets, cluster bombs, rockets, force shield, smoke screen, electro-magnetic pulse, force blast, and time dilator.

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THAMMER15375d ago

I normaly do not play games like this but the game looks good. It looks better than what I have seen with other PS3 games. It looks like PGR on water.

achira5375d ago

nice to see you admitting it. lol. i think the game looks very good also.

THAMMER15375d ago

I still am not a fan. But I will tell the truth as you have seen from my other posts.

specialguest5375d ago

i hope the gameplay offers something thrilling. also, it better have online play. it would be cool and chaotic if this game can support up to 30 players at once.

OutLaw5375d ago

I'm still undecided if I'm going to buy a PS3 or not. But it is nice to see that some of the PS3 games are looking good.

GamerMan5375d ago

Anyone remember that game in the arcades, next on the dreamcast and then finally making a move over to the PS2. Well thats what this game reminds me of but instead with a floating ship instead. I had many hours of fun with HydroThunder so if it is anything like that then I most likely will have fun with this.

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The story is too old to be commented.