PlayTM: Fatal Inertia EX Review

Review by Richard Bright:

"Fatal Inertia, originally a 360 game, has made the now quite common jump across to Sony's platform after a middling reception last year. One difference on the PS3 however is that the futuristic racer is only available for download from PSN. The total game clocks in at just under 1Gb, so it took an hour or so to download. Unfortunately, as is usual with most PS3 games, it then took roughly half that time again to "install". Never mind - onto the gameplay itself."

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unrealgamer584661d ago

well it was originally a ps3 exclusive so thats bulshit

Kleptic4661d ago

roughly half of 1 hour to install? takes about 3 minutes to install 1gb of data off of the PSN...but whatever...