Review: Soulcaster II (

From it’s inception, there have always been RPGs and Tower Defense games in the Xbox Live Marketplace. The folks at MagicalTimeBean have yet again mashed up the two very popular genres in hopes of further improving upon the Soulcaster series. Soulcaster II is still the same RPG/tower defense game its predecessor was, but with a few welcome improvements. If the tower-rpg-defense genre takes off, it will be because Soulcaster II has laid the foundation with an incredibly entertaining game.

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rrquinta2865d ago

This is tempting - I am such a fan of retro games like this.

Bigpappy2865d ago

Never played any Soulcaster games. I will check it out, as there are trials for all XBLA games.

K-Tuck2864d ago

That old-school picture is pretty awesome.