PSN!: Killzone 3: Medic Multiplayer Gameplay

PSNow! has released the second multiplayer gameplay of Killzone 3.

This new video shows what the medic classe is all about.


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redDevil872862d ago

that chirping sound is so satisfying when you kill someone!

rezzah2862d ago

Especially when you hear 3 or more in a row.

Mr Tretton2862d ago

I like the headshot, it goes higher and longer.

captain-obvious2862d ago

am i the only one that hates that helgast announcers voice ??

i mean he sounds drunk or something
and even the ISA one
he sounds like he is going for some party

dont get me wrong but after the Epic voice acting of Radic and the ISA announcer form killzone2
this is a setback
i hope they change those
i really do

Bits-N-Kibbles2862d ago

"Double Eye Gauge!" I feel like at that moment the Unreal announcer should have come on and said that. haha, amazing!

SaberEdge2862d ago

The brutal melees are awesome. Killzone 3 is going to be great.

captain-obvious2862d ago

i don't know why i got so many disagrees
if you think im trolling
then you are wrong

i love killzone one on PS2 and got it day one
i got the PS3 killzone2 bundle
it was my first PS3 and my first PS3 game ever
i played for hundreds of hours online

so yah
i know what im talking about
if you fanboys cant take anything negative about your beloved games
then our games wont get any better in the future

so grow some balls and be ((gamers))

ngecenk2861d ago

agree with captain. if you see kz3 forums, many complain about the ISA voice. if you play the beta, you'll notice how bad it is. its more like a 70's quiz announcer.

hope they change it. it might be very minor, its really a gamebreaker for the illusion.

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TeCh772862d ago

Agree about the voice Captain. Of course, you'll get disagreed to death by the fanboys. It's not the end of the world by ANY means, and certainly won't stop anyone from buying the game (not that you said it would) but it is annoying.

Still a must have for PS3 owners.

writersblock2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Yeah, but since (spolier) Radec is dead it doesnt work. Radec had the epic voice but now theres a different commander

They couldve kept the ISA voice actor though

Edit @below:
I know that wasnt directed at me, but if you dont have anything useful or interesting to say then just shut up

Gleniatorix2862d ago

"Oh noes dey disagreed wid meh!" lmao, f'n crybaby

EVO-OM3GA2862d ago

Thanks for the video, I always did find the Medic class interesting while I was playing KZ2 and Im glad to know what I am getting myself into on KZ3

rezzah2862d ago

That video was intense, cant wait for this game.

jessupj2862d ago

That was awesome, I feel sorry for the people that miss out.

Don't forget this is all using dedicated servers, Feb can't come soon enough!

SJPFTW2862d ago

anyone in the BETA know if the medics revive gun's range has been reduced? getting revived 20 yeards away in the middle of a firefight was one of the few peeves i had with KZ2.

DoomeDx2862d ago

You have to stand pretty much on top of the guy before you can revive him!

Like a defibrator

SJPFTW2862d ago

thank you. im glad GG is actually listening to the community to better improve their game. Looks like Killzone 3 will be the best FPS experience on the PS3

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2862d ago

It's cool how the medbot can revive you. Guess you can't leave a medic just lying there.

Bass_fisherman2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

yeah no mercy >:D

double check to not turn into an zombie.

TooTall192862d ago

You don't need a medbot out to revive you. You can revive yourself anytime you are mortally wounded and have the upgrade.

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