Stunning Fantasy CryEngine 3 Shots of Forged by Chaos Emerged

Some brand new and stunning fantasy shots of Forged by Chaos, the upcoming online game by Panzar Games. The screenshots based on CryEngine 3 (Crysis 2) and show the new gaming location "Dwarf Quarry". Take a look!

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Tachyon_Nova2865d ago

Well, it's no Crysis 2 that's for sure

aPerson2865d ago

Yeah that's true, but I've gotta admit the graphics are very good for a MMO.

Ocelot5252865d ago

i should mail my ppt presentation about web usability

this site just sucks

LunaticBrandon2865d ago

Too bad God didn't use CryEngine 3.

Tachyon_Nova2865d ago

I have a theory that we are actually in a simulated world built with CryEngine 5.

Prcko2865d ago

gief us world of warcraft with those graphics,oh my!!!

nsnsmj2865d ago

Hot dang....CryEngine 3 on PC is a beast. Looks NOWHERE near this good on the consoles....I need a new PC.

SkyCrawler2865d ago

Yes great character models and scenery, but I must say, those monsters are ugly as all hell XD....I keed I keed... Can't wait to play the game.

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