Give the Yakuza Series a Chance

GamersGameplay: The Ryū ga Gotoku (Yakuza) series is very popular in Japan, and has adopted a cult following in the west. If you haven't played any of the Yakuza games yet, there is no time like the present. With Yakuza 4 being released to the west in March 2011, you still have time to pick up, and enjoy the previous Yakuza games. No worries though if you want to start playing the series with Yakuza 4. Just like the last game, Yakuza 4 will have a recap of the previous games that will catch you up to speed with the story.

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disturbing_flame2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Great licence.
Great games.
We can't go into this with 4/5 hours of gameplay, minimum count about 15/20 h to understand how this serie can be addictive, how deep this hybrid beat them all is flavored with good sense of narration, crazy scenario with WYF big times, cinematic atmosphere packed with emotion (more than HEAVY RAIN IMO), graphics look a bit outdated but the games are really nice, i think those games are more ambitious than more conventionnal beat in terms of gameplay, so much side missions, so much tings to do.

it reminds how much video games can be good, fun, simple and WTF when i play a YAKUZA.
Thank you SEGA for this great games, can't wait for YAKUZA 4 and YAKUZA 5.

Definitly a PS3 must buy.

OtakuRockU2952d ago

You make a good point, a lot of people don't really give the game enough time before they judge it. There is a lot of depth to the gameplay and lots of variety to it; which takes time to uncover. The graphics are a bit dated, but that's to be expected with open city games. Some people just watch a video or play the demo for 10 minutes and say the game sucks.

I guess in that respect the game doesn't really give off a good first impression to some people. Which is a shame. There isn't another game experience like the one you get from playing a Yakuza game. I'm really looking forward to part 4 coming out in March, and I'm keeping an eye on Of the End.

disturbing_flame2952d ago

Agree mate.

It's the fast food generation of console gaming.
People try a demo and in less than 20 minutes they judge the game.
After that everybody is crying because games are "only" 8 hours long.
In fact the industry produces a format that everybody will prefer because it's easy to get in the game and understand it, the free to play game, duplicated, cloned to the absurd amount that generate a taste in the appreciation of this new format.

People who judge game on a demo, we know how far it can mislead us sometimes : remember Dead Space demo which is totaly not representative of the game, people were saying, "nah, the game is not that good, i've tried the demo".

With yakuza it's the same problematic, if you try the demo it only shows a segment of the game, it's far away from the complete experience of A YAKUZA game, its minigames, its sidequests, its main quest, its fights, its weapons customization etc

If some people are interested with YAKUZA, i can only say to them (if they got a PS3) go buy YAKUZA 3 (it must be really cheap now @ gamestop & co) and try by yourself, take your time to discover this hybrid beat them all, and you will re-discover games that you've liked in the 90's, packed with ARCADE flavor, after 50 hours on it, i think you'll say, "well i guess i'm buying YAKUZA 4 now".

On this generation of console i really prefer a YAKUZA and a DEADLY PREMONITION to play on my consoles than most of the big titles everyone know, finished in 5hours and forgotten few weeks later.

deadreckoning6662952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

For the love of God...does anyone know if a price drop for Yakuza 3 is coming soon? I've played the demo like 20 times and I love it!

The game is well worth 40 bux from what I've seen in reviews...but I'd feel stupid if I bought it now and a price drop came later this year.

@Mista T- The first time I played the demo, I was pissed about the clunky fighting system...but once you accept it for what it is, the game is REALLY fun and addictive. I'm probably going to get it this week at Bestbuy and if the price drops within a month, ill just get the difference.

DigitalAnalog2952d ago

I just hope they don't cut content when it comes to localization.


I don't know about you, but here in Hong Kong the game is at best USD$20 and it is the imported US version of the games (surprisingly, they tend to be 5% more expensive. Maybe because the Japanese version of the game has been sold here for eons.

-End of Line

Vherostar2952d ago

Modern Day Shenmue with mini games.

OtakuRockU2952d ago

The Yakuza series does hold some similarities to Shenmue. Both games were produced by SEGA, and I think the Yakuza games are the closest thing you'll find to a Shenmue type of game. That being said, there are a lot of differences between the two games as well; enough to tell that the Yakuza series has really come out on it's own. Out of the shadow of Shenmue.

If your a fan of Shenmue, or waiting on the fabled Shenmue 3 (that may or may never happen), it's safe to say you would be a Yakuza fan too. They are great game series and I'm looking forward to what the future may bring for them both.

seraphcaeli2952d ago

Not as much of an adventure game as Shenmue was but it's so much more badass.

Gamehard2952d ago

I couldn't really get past the demo for Yakuza 3. I should probably give it another chance one of these days though. I hear a lot of good things.

Ponurasky2952d ago

Demo is not a good idea to start, as Yakuza games are very cinematic and story based (and you won't see that in a demo too much).

Mista T2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I tried the demo for it on PSN and sadly it wasn't my cup of tea. Although i did like throwing chairs at the bad guys, hahaha

Acquiescence2952d ago

that's why I'm so excited about Yakuza 4.

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