LIVE Activity for week of Dec. 6 Xbox Live Activity List for the week of Dec 6.

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SixZeroFour3931d ago

good to see halo reach back at atleast 3rd after being in 6th last week and 10th the week before that

Bnet3433931d ago

They never dropped past 3rd place. Nice try anon.

SixZeroFour3931d ago

i must have been smoking some messed up stuff, lmao my bad...i think the news i read was for halo 3 going from 10th to 6th

btw, my intention with my original post was never meant to seem like i was bashing halo reach in any way...its my favorite series and currently the only thing im playing, havent even bought CoD BlOps (aka fish crap lol) i just quickly saw an article about halo "coming back in ranks" going from 10th to 6th in live activity, and assumed it was halo reach...but looking back, i guess it was talking about halo 3

allyc4t3931d ago

I can't believe MW2 is still up there.

AAACE53931d ago

I believe it... I still play it! Shocked at how far NFS is sitting though...

allyc4t3931d ago

Me too, it's a really good racing game.

DualSight3931d ago

Four Call of Duty titles in the top 20. Wait till there's 20 Call of Duty.

guigsy3931d ago

Call of Duty won't be popular forever mate.

Chaos693931d ago

Why? Only the things you like should be popular?

ChristianGamer3931d ago

Look who's sitting pretty at number 9. Talk about staying power!

3931d ago
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