Nintendo Wii meets its match in Playstation Move

When the Nintendo Wii hit store shelves back in 2006, it revolutionized the way we play video games. Its motion-sensing controllers allowed for a player to physically involve himself in a game, with the player’s movements captured by the game. The Wii succeeded with casual family-friendly games like Wii Sports, which featured bowling, baseball, golf, tennis and boxing, and Wii Fit, an exercise game that is one of the bestselling video games of all time.

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showtimefolks4667d ago

it made motion controls work but this revolutionized word is thrown around too much

wii is a good system but i think its best days are behind it but as with nintendo they will not bring out a new console unless wii becomes dead and by tahn it will be too late

xbox360/ps3 for the win oh also pc too sorry lol

Mr Tretton4667d ago

I disagree. I think Nintendo is going to start next gen before things go south, so that they don't get left behind in the marketplace. Tech wise it will be left behind because they'll just play the cheap route again. My prediction is the graphics will be like the 360, and the motion device will be Kinect meets Move.

I think all the console's motion devices next gen will be a Kinect/Move hybrid.

gamesR4fun4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

watch em drop the whole motion game n cash in on the hardcore ;)

Until then the move is the wii hd the only thing it lack are the games and those are coming. Kinect seems to be making some waves too but they also need games in a bad way. Neither seems to be really pushing their user base much as is. (most people buying either already own the system)

ps on a side note for my very own patcher moment i say nintendo's next console wont be until late 2012 as they are banking on 3ds and dont want to undercut their own fanbase...

edit2 at the disagree(s) sorry i forgot the world will end in 2012 with Julian Assange leading hell in the Armageddon... my bad

@ maniac yeh for sure the only reason we have either is cause they want a piece of that wii pie. Still both sony n ms brought something new. If they can show us the games Im sure they will do well.

deadreckoning6664667d ago

Nintendo no longer needs the Wii...they have the 3DS(which will be the most successful gaming device this generation)

Bigpappy4667d ago

I see people are still under estimating the wii. Its been 4 years and you guy still would not admit that the casual market is bigger than the core. I have seen no evedence that Move is doing anything to affect the wii. They are 2 completely different markets. Kinect on the other is grabing major casual sales in NA and EU.

ABizzel14667d ago

@ Mr. Tretton

I agree with you. MS and Nintendo are going to start the next gen off soon. The 3DS is coming out 2011 year, so don't be surprised if the Wii's successor comes out 2012, which is when I think the next Xbox will come out.

2012 = 6 years for the Wii, and 7 years for the Xbox. Truly time for a new console.

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maniacmayhem4667d ago

I think it did revolutionize, if it didn't we wouldn't see Sony or MS jumping on the motion waggle wagon.

showtimefolks4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

when they are onto something else this gen has 5-6 years left in it and i doubt we will see nintendo support wii for 5-6 years

Mr Tretton

this gen it was a gimmic that sold wii now that every console has motion controls are we gonna see gamecube sales for next nintendo console

it wasn't taht long ago taht nintendo almost became a nobody this gen they have sold well but last 2 gens not

so i will hold my judgement till i see their next system but i doubt it will sell as well for them as wii did

also it would be nice if wii became a hd console and some of those awsome first party games were in HD

eagle214667d ago

Nobody's catching the Wii, by then...Nintendo and Microsoft (even Sony) should have new consoles out. This generation was won by Nintendo. Maybe next time....it's anybody's chance. But this time? Ninty. :)

Gr814667d ago

Yeah, OK. Wii's are flying off the shevles WW right now. Move...well who the hell cares abuot Move?

Stealth20k4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

the wii hasnt met any match

the move sucks

Sales are irrelevant its all about software. Which the wii is basically anihilating everything.

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VenomProject4667d ago

Ignorant comments like that one are the reason you only have one bubble.

Seriously, wow.

showtimefolks4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

are better than wii motion

VenomProject4667d ago

The disagrees can keep coming, technically speaking, the Move IS better than the Wii. The tech is better.

Move: 1:1 tracking
Wii : Not 1:1 tracking


I'll even admit that Kinect is better than the Wii.

Arup024667d ago

Lots of haters here... But i still think the WII is the best when it comes to motion controllers.