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Sony gloats about PS3, but trouble remains

Sony released an "infographic" today to try to convince consumers that the PlayStation 3 is better than other game consoles and set-top boxes. But is this a reaction to trailing sales?

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Cnet is constantly making anti-Ps3 propaganda.
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Community4933d ago
seij5554933d ago

Useless article, The ps3 has always been the better multimedia device. This has nothing to do with sales slowing down a bit just before the holidays.

SnuggleBandit4933d ago ShowReplies(12)
Strange_Evil4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

It's from CNET, so it's obviously meant to downplay Sony, but I don't see how they could deny the graphics posted by Sony... The PS3 IS THE BEST MULTI-MEDIA device hands down beating the 360,Wii and Apple TV and any other media setting and you can't argue otherwise.

Just look at the facts.. The PS3 allows BLU-RAY (Huge + here). Unlike the 360, the PS3 virtually plays any format you throw at it (AND IT LETS YOU FRIGGIN FAST FORWARD SONGS UNLIKE THE CRAPPY 360 MEDIA PLAYER!!! Also it allows you to play .mkv files via media server which again is a huge + for me).. Unlike the 360, the PS3 allows you to store media in the HDD. I have a 250GB Slim (360) where nearly 200GB is wasted cause I can't store stuff in the HDD such a bummer.. Also the music and video interface is a hell lot more user friendly than the 360s or Wiis (love the frame selection in video when you press the Square button on the PS3)..

Truth to be told, the only competitor in that list seems to be the 360, but still PS3 beats it into the dust with free online, Blu-Ray and the above things..


RememberThe3574933d ago

Look at the comment section. It's easy to see why they wrote this article; they're readers love it.

ElementX4933d ago

See my comment above: 1.1.6

CNet isn't dissing PS3, they gave PS3 4/5 stars, both the fat and slim version. Read the reviews linked in my comment above.

Strange_Evil4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

^^^ Ya and right after that 4/5 review they come out with this sh!t... "Buy a laptop instead of PS3"

Or... "PS3 the great unwanted console"...

Or.. "Sony PS3's value argument doesn't hold up..."

I mean how much fukin retard could Cnet get huh? A Blu-Ray laptop costs like 3-4 times the PS3 price and don't even get me started at how illogical that comparison is. Never saw them comparing the 360 slim to a Toaster or DVD player when it launched did we??

And face it ELEMENTX, what does this Graphic comparison done by Sony has anything to do with the PS3 sales huh... Just cause Cnet wants to point out on the low NPD sales last month, they just pick a random Sony act, twist it around to accommodate their bashing and voila...

I have read nearly all of Cnets review and stuff and these guys are the biggest c0ck suckers around... Their c0ck sucking goes in this order.. Apple>M$>......>Sony.

EDIT: Below... Ya and nothing like this when the 360 slim launches... Why the FUD only when it's anything related to the PS3? CNET=FAIL... I have read enough crap from them in the past to judge what a bunch of clowns run the gaming article department. Throw advertisement money and these guys will sell their mothers..

ElementX4933d ago


Here's a quote from the article you linked, enjoy!

"If, like us, you've become addicted to the high-definition joy of Blu-ray movies, but your gaming tastes run more toward World of Warcraft, Sims 3, or even Plants vs. Zombies, we suggest taking a look at one of these Blu-ray equipped laptops, such as the Sony Vaio NW160J, detailed below"

They are talking about blu-ray and PC gaming! They even link to A SONY LAPTOP! Your comment = FAIL!

Exquisik4933d ago


CNET also gave the original 360 4/5 despite RROD and having less features than the PS3. So tell me how is it possible that the 360 gets the same score as the PS3 when the PS3 has more features and better built (I know because I fix RROD and YLOD)?

You may call PS3 fans delusional for thinking that there's a conspiracy going on against the PS3, but I think the 360 fans are blind and ignorant for ignoring it.

DasTier4933d ago

Because when it came out it was overpriced and the games weren't any good...

Wh15ky4933d ago


"Overpriced" ?

It was expensive but it wasn't overpriced. It was selling for approximately 75% of it's manufacturing costs, that's not overpriced if anything it was underpriced.

tacosRcool4933d ago

The PS3 is the best all rounder with all the capabilities it offers including a built in web browser (even tho it sucks) and a built in blu ray player. A win for those who wants a useful machine that doesn't only play games

RealtorMDandDC4933d ago

I totally agree....people fail to realize. The PS3 is a damn good media player. Especially with the ability to save ur HD movies to ur HDD. That has to be one of my fav features.. I currently have about 15 movies on my HDD. The ability to change your icon is pretty neat also.

Plus is I believe it's the best blu-ray player money can buy....

RedDragan4933d ago


I love this comment:


No, the 360 controller puts the stick ergonomically where it belongs. That means through actual science/engineering they placed the stick where your hand NATURALLY goes... no bending. It's not so much my opinion.. ok.. it is partially, but it's also the majority opinion. Take 5 minutes and do some research.


So... I have to ask, since when was the thumb on our left hand in a different place in regards to the right? Because one of the sticks is high up, the other is in the more tradition position.

I suppose this commenter has a mother who is his brother and is also his sister.... if you folks know what I mean?

(If not, the 12 fingers and 11 toes thing from the South!!!)

morganfell4932d ago


Apparently you understand little about value. Look at my 60GB PS3 when it came out. $599. The cost of play for the PS3 after launch to play online till this date? $0. I bought my 360 when it came out at launch. Cost? $399. Cost after launch to play on line? Already more than $600. Add to that all the batteries I have had to purchase.

I have gone through 5 rechargeable batters as well because they do not work. Proprietary charge cable or a Microsoft "You gotta buy it from us" special? The special. PS3 charge cable? Included and industry standard.

Cost of larger HDD for my 360 when I purchased it? $179. PS3 HDD? Any laptop SATA II drive. Twice the drive for half the price.

A laundry list of cost can be created ujean that easily shows anyone that is the slightest forward thinking realized that they may pay an initial higher cost up front for the PS3 but the long term savings are evident. There is something to be said for the individuals that do not try to get off cheap at the start line.

And we haven't even discussed that huge failure of a doorstop known as the external HDDVD player the 360 used. The five 360s I have been through or the games I lost because the DRM tool that took two years to deliver didn't fix all the downloads nor the lost Live time for which MS failed to comp.

I love having the PS3s in my house with my same account on all of them. I can game downstairs, go upstairs, fire up a different PS3 and play the same game WITHOUT ACCOUNT MIGRATION. After all, time is money. Downloads? No problem, just apply them to that console as no cost.

This Cnet article is just utterly ridiculous but what should we expect by now. "TEH PS3 id DOOMED" is a Christmas tradition, as sillier now than when it first was printed.

Dee_914932d ago

Well they made a simplistic dumbed down infograph for simplistic dumbed down americans lol

obviously the fanboys will pull the " but NPD says ps3 in thrdz place " hey there fanboys
NPD is North America Only just a headz up

He actually quoted Patcher ... that helped his opinion alot

but I dont care whats selling more TBH
because anyone with a brain knows sales doesent = quality ... not that im saying Xbox is bad . because if it was as bad as fanboys make it seem they wouldnt be selling as much .. but then again people dont know what ps3 offers over Xbox .. hell some people still think its $600 lol

so in a Way I agree with the article minus all the fanboy crap
Sony made the infograph because of the sells and to let people know what they r missing out on .. because think about it . If every one knew what the ps3 offered it would be selling waay more ...

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KiLLUMiNATi_894933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

It only does everything which is true. It's scary because it's still in 3rd place.

RememberThe3574933d ago

The sales are so close between the consoles it really doesn't matter.

Also, bubbles for the name.

ChristianGamer4933d ago

Imagine if you will, your reaction if this was an xbox article and microsoft were gloating. What would your reactions be...? Be honest

RememberThe3574933d ago

It would be like the cnet comment section but in reverse.

4933d ago
Trroy4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Wouldn't it make more sense for the manufacturer of the console that actually IS clearly the best home entertainment product to be gloating?

If MS was gloating, the response would be different, sure... because the 360 is not the most complete entertainment package. XGC in NO way beats Blu-Ray, free online gameplay, plus all the other things Sony offers with the PS3. Anyone who believes otherwise is... well, smoking something pretty unsafe.

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xxBiG_BoSSxx4933d ago

I'm reposting my comment because as i wrote it the comment i was replying to was shrunk due to trolling.

I don't like or agree with a lot of the "fanboy" arguments that take place here, and I try to stay out of them. But this article is garbage. ADVERTISING IS NOT GLOATING. To imply such is unprofessional and just stupid. It says at the bottom of the article that the author, Don Reisinger, "is not an employee of CNET."

I don't know for a fact that this guy actually has a bias against sony/ps3. I don't care really. But this article clearly has a bias and is intended to cause the type of reactions i'm reading.

If you own a ps3 and see crap articles like this and feel the need to defend the beloved black behemoth, do not. The ps3 is awesome. its needs no defense.

kindi_boy4933d ago

OMG the most useless article I've read in my life, I keep reading and reading and never get what this guy is trying to get at. Journalism at its worst.

PHOSADRA4933d ago

No it isn't...

Sony has already done similar in the past..
Just check out this website:

They are just improving the comparisons...


though CNET IS NOT owned by ms, for whatever reason theyve always downed the ps3 hardcore.
sort of funny article to read.

"sony advertises features PS3 has over competitors. sign of trouble? CNET THINKS SOOOOOO :)"

FinalSpartan4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Hmm PS3 is a better multimedia system

but Xbox 360 dominates PSN with Xbox Live why not include all the features PSN and Xbox Live has

where PS3 will have less features in this case. Both sides win in what they good at.

Xbox 360 - Xbox Live
PS3 - Multi Media System

XabiTheHumble4932d ago

@Swordf1sh WTF did I just read?

MNicholas4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

The author's decision to use the word "gloat" to describe a standard chart of the sort used by nearly every software and hardware company reveals the author's agenda.