Piercing the Kinect and Move smoke screen

With Kinect and Move advertising in full swing, how far can the company line carry these two devices?

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Caligula2867d ago

The Kinect damn near dislocated my shoulder....

choadley2867d ago

The guy in the video did better standing still than I did trying to control the car at a Bose store. Kinect Adventures seemed to follow my movements fairly accurately though.

tigertom532867d ago

Kinect Is a blast to pull out for a good full body work out...

JamesDeRosa2867d ago

I can't seem to muster any interest in either device.

Dragon_Hiko2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

This Author doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. The question is whether Microsoft's 500 million in advertising will stack up to Sony's word of mouth advertising. Difference is one didn't cost 500 million!!

Now, regardless of the fact that both devices JUST LAUNCHED and both have already sold into the millions. (Or shipped, I don't give a fuck if it's shipped or sold, because shipped will very quickly be sold!! DUH!!! The stores ORDER the devices based on DEMAND!) That goes for Microsoft and Sony.

As with any's not the advertising push, but quality of software that will ultimately spell the success or doom of these regardless this article is a major fail.

gamingdroid2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

You know there are a few things here:

1. Have you heard of overestimating demand? Yeah, it happens to retailers frequently and they subsequently end up clearance it out and stop re-stocking it.

2. Not putting in your weight behind your product, might just mean you are screwing your customers over because it won't have the necessary momentum to carry the platform forward with support from third party developers.

I'm just saying, there is more than one way to look at things!

BrianG2867d ago

I like your style, looking at things from multiple perspectives. I try to do the same as much as possible.

But I still believe the devices are selling in good demand. Also I have been seeing more ads for Move, so Sony is putting some "weight" behind their product now, would've paid off for them earlier to.

But one of the struggles with Move is showing why its better than Wii. Of course us gamers know the difference because we play games. But the ads would have to convince those that don't know why it is better.
Kinect is an easier sell from that view point because it appears newer. I would def put my money behind Kinect if I was working at MS. Regardless of how I feel about the product.

Dragon_Hiko2867d ago

1-Yes I have heard of over estimating demand. But I do not think it's being applied here. Do you see any clearance move sales going on? No.

2-Sony is putting just as much behind Move as they did the ps3. Look at the exclusive line up for 2011 and tell me where the 'momentum' is. Is 'screwing' your customers giving them the games they want...or giving them a device instead of exclusive content? Can you imagine what that 500 million could have created for exclusive first party content? Oh wait...whats important is how many sales Kinect/Xbox has, which is what that 500 million directly translates too.

As always...I will take game quality. It might take a few years for a quality game to be made know I get more satisfaction from waiting for a few years for an amazing game...than knowing a bunch of other people have same device I have.

Raoh2867d ago

your both right, we sort of have to wait to see how it plays out.

sony doesnt have the marketing budget of microsoft. but... do they really need it? what could sell more consoles and their games and accessories than a price drop.

microsofts 500 million in advertisement and ps3 price drop will probably yield the same results.

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