Killzone 3 Meets the PlayStation Move sharp shooter

Sid Shuman: Last week saw the introduction of the PlayStation Move sharp shooter, an upcoming peripheral which transforms the PlayStation Move motion controller into a sleek assault rifle designed for hardcore shooters such as Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4. The sharp shooter’s feature set is extensive, so I went hands-on to learn more about its functionality and (surprisingly easy) setup process. Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst and I field tested the PS3’s new weapon of choice.

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Kurisu4303d ago

The design of the sharp shooter looks so cheap and tacky!

Washington-Capitals4303d ago

I disagree, i think its a great design, but the price is unacceptable for a cheap piece of plastic manufactured in china for pennies, there is too much of a mark up.

Si_854303d ago

You realize this isn't simply a plastic gun shell, it has several digital buttons on the gun by using the mini-USB EXT port on the bottom of the Playstation Move controller.

The trigger is a digital trigger that REPLACES the trigger button on the Move controller, not a spring-loaded trigger that pulls the trigger button on the Move controller like every other gun shell.

It has square and triangle buttons on the RHS above the trigger. It has an R1/Move button directly below the trigger.

They have also added three new buttons that are not tied to any existing buttons (that devs can map/use as they wish)...
- There is a "reload" button on the base of the gun handle,
- The pump action of the Navigation controller dock/handle,
- Firing mode selector switch on the RHS of the gun.

These are all digital buttons with the same latency/response as the buttons on the Move controller itself. Add to that the adjustable gun stock/support so you can shoot down the barrel or from the hip and I fail to see how this is merely "a cheap piece of plastic".

dc14303d ago

Integrated buttons on the side face easily assessable by secondary finger (this equals win) .
This may be the most fully functional FPS side arm ever.

NaiNaiNai4303d ago

and yet people bash F4 for using kinect....

T_T really....

XabiTheHumble4303d ago

I cannot believe Your are actually trying to compare the uses of Move in a shooter to Kinect in a supposed simulator. Don't even do it to yourself.

cereal_killa4303d ago

Big difference 1 will work the other wont. explain to me how your going to shift gears, use the gas and break? voice commands!!! lmao pew pew pew

FinalSpartan4303d ago

this is the funnest thing i ever saw. you gotta be kidding me playing this with killzone 3 loool people will own you so hard!

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AKA4303d ago

it looks like it will give you a sharp aim,wich is great
but its a little to expensive.

i hope i can get a deal for it soon. i already got the move this will enhance the experience.


Look I like the Move but for FPS could you have the option of twisting the move left or right to turn???? Please aiming at the edge of the screen is disorienting and unnecessary! The wii could not register twist… thats the only reason they have aim at the edge of the screen! PLEASE twist to turn option because without it move will not work!

Bathyj4303d ago

The "Twist" should be on a second controller. The DS3, in your left hand, leaving your right hand with the move and/or prefer gun attachment.

Anyone played High Velocity Bowling. You'll know how acurate the motion in the DS3 is. The stick could be for walking, L1, L2, L3 and the D-pad could all be accessable, programable buttons and the tilt could controll the camera left, right, up and down. Move would be simply a mouse pointer/lightgun type thing.

This is my dream set up, any shooter could be an offrails lightgun game but with the depth of a preoper shooter.

AKA4303d ago

in KILLZONE 3 you can set up the deadzone to zero and use the move as a 3d mouse wich will make hardcore happy, you should take a look in the page they explain everything.

this adds on is been made by GUERRILLA GAMES and ZIPPER to fit perfect in SOCOM 4 and KILLZONE 3 or any other fps or shooter in general.

soundslike4303d ago

the problem is that they are basing the controls off of recent shooters, but really, they need to use goldeneye controls

you should be able to turn with the move aim, then press a button to get a free roam cross hair like FPS of old. Its so obvious I can't figure out why they haven't done it.

Huwmor4303d ago

Why isn't it black. It completely ruins the aesthetic of the ps3. Why was this done? If you cant get it in black it is a major fail.

FunAndGun4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

I also wish it was black, but they are only protecting themselves from a lawsuit.

Point black toy gun at cop, get shot, sue the manufacture.

Point white toy gun at cop, get shot, sue the state.

This reminded me of a story I just read as well. Cop shoots and kills a man who was pointing a garden hose nozzle at them.

Theodore874303d ago

The reason is real guns are black. There were people fatally shot because they used black toy guns to scare others as part of a prank. You would not have time to identify if the subject is holding a real gun or a toy gun as he points it at someone else's face. Therefore, toy guns now have bright colors to differentiate them from real ones.

ISKREEM4303d ago

According to Jeff Rubenstein: "Gun shaped controllers or toys are almost never black, so they don’t look like real guns."

Who would seriously mistake this as a real gun? Even without the glowing ball at the end of it.

As interesting as it looks, I won't be picking one up until they release it in black.

Sheikh Yerbouti4303d ago

There is always Krylon, homey!

AnonUser55554303d ago

Well then plan on never having one merc. It won't be in black ever.

paint it yourself.

divideby04303d ago

"since its not black its a major fail"

I cant believe I just read that above... so color is more important than performance and

Close_Second4303d ago

Just paint the damn thing. Nerf guns suffer the same problem yet look at some of the realistic paint jobs people give them to look like the real deal.

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Joni-Ice4303d ago

Day 1 for me. I will use for MAG too.

Ninver4303d ago

old article but still very informative. Can't wait for KZ3.

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