2010: Top 10 Worst Games

NowGamer: "We look back at the year that was, and the worst games you shouldn’t have played.

Hopefully we managed to keep you from getting your hands on this list of broken, buggy and boring games, as we look back at 2010’s most awful games..."

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fastrez3641d ago

Quantum Theory. What a massive, unfunny joke.

Spitfire_Riggz3640d ago

And I was praying for a ripoff of Gears I could play on my PS3...

DEA Fresh3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

where is "Field and Stream: Outdoorsman Challenge"

It had to be the most broken game I have ever played. To think the devs thought a demo would help sales is so laughable. Broken menus, bad graphics, akward controls, and horrible gameplay. This is the epitome of a bad game

Feckles3641d ago

Prison Break: a game that's so bad it's bad.

skyward3641d ago

Kane and Lynch 2 has basically killed the franchise for a quick buck it seems. Why oh why is Naughty Bear getting a sequel?

antz11043640d ago

Naughty Bear wouldn't have been so terrible in my eyes if I'd picked it up for $15-20. Like a sucker I got it day 1. Live and learn I guess.

Urmomlol3640d ago

Anyone else think its funny that NowGamer had to use three of their writers to pad the heat on this article so it could make it to the front page?

skyward3640d ago

It's fucking hilarious. Thanks for pointing it out.

PS3Freak3640d ago

Like you can say anything with a name like Urmomlol. You can't even spell your right!

Christopher3640d ago

Don't get why a lot of those that are available on multiple consoles are listed with just one console specified.

Also, the sad thing is that a few of those are seeing continued support (Naughty Bear, Harry Potter, Deadliest Warrior).

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