Joystiq: Kung-Fu Live review: Kinect-like on the cheap

Matt Cabral on Dec 15th 2010 Writes:
KFL puts players in the game like surprisingly few PlayStation Move and Kinect titles do, using the camera to place them in the action in near real-time. Rather than watching some cutesy Mii-like avatar deliver your moves, KFL excises the middle man and allows a live version of yourself to kick virtual ass. The result is intentionally ridiculous, as there's no filter in place to pretty-up your drunken monkey limb flailing; you'll look just as silly in-game as you do in your living room. Additionally, you're not forced to mimic moves or follow prompts, so your faux fu skills -- mostly punching, kicking and jumping -- are mirrored and executed on screen, no matter how bizarre. Want to punch a thug in the nuts? Go for it. Bitch-slap a scumbag in the kneecap? Sure, why not? You can even bring in real-world objects to do your bidding. I completed a whole level wielding nothing but one of my wife's UGG boots.

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