Why Episodic Gaming Isn't Working

The Weekend Gamer looks at the current state of episodic gaming, from Half Life 2 to SiN: Episodes, Sam & Max to the upcoming Penny Arcade Adventures and points out that there are several factors that are holding these games back. What's wrong with episodic gaming, and why isn't it going as planned?

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Caxtus7504060d ago

I havent read the article but im guessing it simple...every 2 years is hardly episodic. (Half life).

Episodic should be every month in my mind and be very short. Much like a tv show. Not TOO short but short and pay for the whole series. rrp £20 for a dvd.

Loopy4060d ago

What's the point of posting your comment if you didn't read the article?

Caxtus7504060d ago

Fair point, but I was in a rush and the headline coaught my eye...decided to rant.

no hard feelings :)

Geewhizz4060d ago

In my opinion the reason it doesnt work is........

next part of this comment available next Monday

Descendant4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I mean none of those games on the list interests me at all. As far as Half-Life goes I believe they take a little too long for a "episodic" game to come out. If they would make new interesting games then I think it would work out more. I mean I would buy a Parasite Eve 3 in episodes.

gamerriffic4060d ago

worked, because it was popular...
all those other games listed...
the average gamer.. even the hardcore gamer..
would probably not even hear about it.
theres no real hype surrounding those games.

.. and i remember when Sin came out, it got crap reviews.
episodic content isnt bad, its the games that are..
...afterall.. microsoft did pay 50 million for gta 4's episodic content.

WafflesID4060d ago

Sam and Max is the only game that is TRULY made in episodes. It's HOW episodic gaming should be done. Every month a new episode comes out. Brilliant.

Anyone who doesn't appreciate a game like Sam and Max shouldn't be calling themselves a gamer.

WafflesID4060d ago

Seriously, this article has a major flaw. It completely ignores the ONLY game that is TRULY episodic. If episodic gaming follows the lead of Sam and Max then it CAN be a success. But if you follow the Half-Life 2 "episodic" model then it will fail.

Bah. N4G is getting riddled with all these blogs from people who just dont have a clue.

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