Games for girls

Market researcher NPD says 41 percent of gamers in the United States are female, and Nintendo says that 33 percent of the Wii's purchasers are women. Female-centric titles are gaining traction after years of false starts. The game industry is reaching out to girls more than ever, thanks in part to the broader appeal of the Nintendo Wii game console and the handheld DS.

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Rowland4925d ago

YOU HAVE WASTED SO MANY PEOPLES TIME with your numerous & petty reporting.

You need to consider your reports much more carefully in future. You do make good points most of the time but you also make mistakes too & your tone comes across as arrogant & 'superior', which pissess people off. You are also lacking when people appeal to you with good points of their own or point out you're in error, so it would be nice to see if you could show some good grace & accept other points of view more often.

And could you actually use the APPROVE button now & again ? People only have to look at your 'score' to see a vast MASS of RED REPORTS against virtually NO approvals. I know it's a personal choice & all that but it's a very selfish attitude & not fair on the community who approve your newsposts but receive nothing in return.

radical_pi4925d ago

i see no reason girls shouldnt be into gaming. and the fact that the industry is no longer only targeting males means that more people buy games, and thus there is more r+d, and thus our games get better.

and now maybe my girlfriend wont look so pissed when we go to the game store.

ItsDubC4925d ago

lol, my gf used to avoid the gamestore at all costs but ever since we got a Wii, she'll actually step into the store w/ me now.

leinadem24925d ago

hee where are they from? I am willing to play my Wii for them
they are beautiful, it is really different from the ugly guys that you find in Xboxlive

Mr Marbles4925d ago

Everything has to be done for girls nowadays, gaming was the one thing that catered to males, and now we lose that? You guys need to understand that if girls get heavily into gaming, all lead characters will be female, with female issues, and we will all be playing with wii like consoles and wii like games, girls dont care about HD gaming and the power of the cell, they could care less about perfomance. This is not a good direction to go in for hardcare gamers.

BloodySinner4925d ago

There's no problem with the lead character being female. However, as for the other points you touched on, you're right.

leinadem24925d ago

girls are the most beautiful thing in the world and the success of everything is when men and women combine their ideas and efforts, maybe the game industrie will change forever and the hardcore gamers as me might see many things than would look stupid for us nevertheless the future of video games will be much much better with girls.

Kholinar4925d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you're not so narrow-minded), women have the buying power to trump the hardcore.

This isn't a new thing, brought on by the wii or whatever. ALL the publishers, hardware makers, etc. have been trying for this audience since the NES days. They've done a lousy job until now. You'd better bet everyone who isn't just slow or suicidally stubborn will follow.

@Catastrophe - True. Women will welcome depth as much as anyone. Whether or not that can be achieved on the wii is another discussion. They certainly don't care if a woman is always the lead... Devs certainly aren't writing many games on the other consoles that are appealing to women as a group (or even many subgroups).

Cat4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

You're an idiot.

To expound on that, you're a really big idiot.

I have a 40" hdtv, a 360 and a ps3, and to put it bluntly, I definitely care about performance (Mr. Marbles, that's what we call a double entendre).

I happen to not like the Wii because Nintendo didn't raise the gaming bar. I will eventually pick one up to play Zelda, and perhaps a few other titles. I want more girls to game, but not just on the Wii; I want them to REALLY game. If devs try to cater to women just by producing games with female leads and dumbing things down, they will miss the mark, and will fail. Nobody wants to be pandered to.

Syko4924d ago

Mr. Marbles, I think she just took your King's Pawn with the Queen then yelled "Check Mate BIATCH!"

Ouch, Best not to respond Marbles, Just walk away in shame while we all have a laugh at your expense.

If only girls like you would use the mic more while gaming, It would shut down 90% of the immature idiots everytime they hear a girl on LIVE.

"ZOMG It's a GIRL!! What do I do, What do I say" LOL

Obsidianphantom4924d ago

please dont use scare tactics to imply that women are going to bring down armageddon on the gaming community; besides for aslong as human culture has been around women have been placed as second tier individual, So no nowadays we are not doing everything for them as you imply. Infact we are trying to even out the playing field,so that if they are interested in gaming they wont be put off by a community on ego/fanboy trips.

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BrotherNick4925d ago

Women will become more prominent over many industries because our life expectancy as men are shorter. I'm fine with that cause girls are nice smelling. Things you wouldn't think are fun are...proven with cooking mama lol (beat it) >.>; need to play games without biases to see if it's really fun.

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