Even Media Molecule is Amazed By LittleBigPlanet 2

Normally when we get the chance to attend media gaming events, we are usually spoon-fed loads of public relations crap. Some company reps will try to make you believe that their title is the second coming, yet you both know this isn’t the truth at all. When we met up with Media Molecule last week at the NYC Sony Holiday event it was a complete oppisite feeling.

It was very pleasant to see just how genuinely excited both Co-Founder Alex Evans and level designer John Beech are about the project. And both are amazed at what the community (which John actually came from) has been able to create during the game’s beta. Check out the interview below and join me in counting down the days until the release of LBP2.

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taz80802866d ago

Little Big Planet 2 looks amazing! It is incredible to see what can be created with the in game engine.

thevokillist2866d ago

I can't wait to start creating full on games with LBP2. This game is seriously fun!

D4RkNIKON2866d ago

Downloading the beta right now!!!

-Alpha2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Some of the stuff I've seen is ridiculous. It's also ridiculously unfortunate how under-the-radar this game is flying compared to LBP1.

This is miles ahead and deserves so much more attention. Hope January has all eyes set on LBP2, I am going to have a second Christmas opening that Limited Edition. LBP2 makes LBP1 look archaic. It's that much better.

MrAwesome2866d ago

You just remainded me of the time I had the most fun ever playing a video game. I had three buddies over at my house playing a shark survival level we laughed so hard every time we died up to the point that we ran out of breath...I look foward to re-living that in LBP2..

ReservoirDog3162866d ago

Sorry, accidentally disagreed.

+bubbles for the mistake

On topic, wish I got into the beta to try it out but oh well. Can't wait for the final product.


made some levels at home as a normal gamer and MM sent him a PSN message and invited him for an interview now he works for them....that is NUTS

thats INCENTIVE,im gona try my best in lbp2 and hope to catch MM's attention

JoelT2866d ago

Talk about living the dream!


he said 'i go to work and hold a ps3 controller making levels'....he gets PAID to do that

-Alpha2866d ago

That takes some serious talent. What was his PSN ID?


id like to see the levels which got him employed...

Ninferno2866d ago

that's crazy... he got a job through a video game. literally!

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JoelT2866d ago

lol i was behind the camera filming that interview. I saw it alright.

Masterchef20072866d ago

wow that is why this game is so amazing. It allows any gamer to fufill his dreams. Cant wait to play nintendo games on it cause you know that people will recreate super mario, zelda and metroid on it.

JUDALATION2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Ladys and Gents Dont Let Little Big Planet 2's Cute Appearence fool you... This is the Most revolutionary game this generation and will almost be a lock for game of the year, or at least a contendor for the title...

The first Little Big Planet was marred by people calling it a Kids game even though it was ha as hell! But from what I have seen from the Beta... Nobody will buy this game for the story mode as games like Diablo... Starcraft, Zelda, world of warcraft, limbo, meat boy, etc etc can all be done just as good in the community driven multiplayer... The best part is that there will be unique games and storys or movies that people will but just to play within little big planet.... It can be used to test out new games and movies... this will be the meeting ground of the creative community as the first game was but on an even greater scale...

remanutd552866d ago

yes sir , everything you said is true , im completely amazed at how good some of the community levels are , im practically blown away , i have spent 45 minutes playing just 1 level of 6 that a guy did , man its like playing games within LBP2 , and some of the movies are really great like the cavemen trying to kill a beast lol , this game takes LBP to a whole new level of awesomeness, no doubt

JohnColaw2866d ago

The first one was a great stepping point, it'll be interesting to see what the new one is capable of pulling off now.

Chadness2866d ago

Definitely going to have to hit up LBP2 next month.

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