Multi-Chapter Games Create Lazy Developers "I suppose it sounds good in theory at first, the idea that you could simply release parts of a game over time and if anyone wants to partake in the experience they can simply wait from 'chapter' to 'chapter'. Surely if anyone enjoyed the first experience, they would then go on to partake in the second (or third) knowing full well what they're getting into. Best of all the developer makes a little extra cash, as multi-part games are (more likely than not) going to be downloadable first and foremost. It all sounds great on paper, but put into practice it's hard to think of any game that sold better broken down into smaller sections than if instead sold in one larger final product. In fact, it typically has the reverse of the intended effect: the games generally get worse as time goes on."

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ShawnCollier2960d ago

Yeah, I never understood the appeal of this approach personally.

Selyah2960d ago

Suppose it depends on the quality of each product overall, and whether the standard continues, I highly doubt SC2 will disappoint its fan base.

JDouglasGU2960d ago

agreed. you could also put assassin's creed brotherhood in that category, and it definitely didn't disappoint.

mephman2960d ago

I think the Sonic 4 example is perfect. Everyone knows that Sonic 4 Episode 2 is going to be identical gameplay-wise. It'll just feature some new levels.

ShawnCollier2960d ago

I hope it isn't as bad as the copypasta they did in Episode 1.

yamzilla2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )


there is more production value in starcraft 2 WoL than mass effect 2 and alan wake combined

mephman2960d ago

Than Mass Effect 2? Not so sure about that.

ShawnCollier2960d ago

Wasn't ME2 the complete opposite, though, where they took the fan criticism of the first to heart and fixed most of the issues?

JDouglasGU2960d ago

yeah, i don't know... alan wake was in development for a long time xD