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Shackdaddy8362864d ago

Hopefully the SP will be good since the director is good.

CombineElite2864d ago

Nothing innovative shown, just a bunch of gun shots, animation looked basic and the graphics are DX9.

Killzone 2 looks better than this so far.

justinb12863d ago

Killzone 2 looked great so I'm sure the devs appreciate the compliment. I'd be more than happy if it lived up to Killzone 2's graphical fidelity

Stempel2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Can you guys stop comparing everything with Killzone? It's annoying.

BX812863d ago

So far the MP on this game looks like it's going to be more fun than KZ2. KZ2's MP really sucked for the most part.

BattleAxe2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

According to Jesse Ventura's show Conspiracy Theory, we could see this kind of oppression inside the USA, only by America's very own Armed Forces ie: FEMA Camps.

Raider692863d ago

indeed the animation look very bland!But the action seems furious and that trailer remaind me the game Mercenaries!

Raider692863d ago

animation look very bland ! But the action seems furious and that trailer remaind me mercenaries!

Government Cheese2863d ago

I don't really care too much about the animation or graphics as long as the gameplay is awesome. Hoping it has sort of a BF2 feel to it.

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Ducky2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Hmm... I guess they weren't kidding about taking inspiration from Half-Life2.
The start (or is it middle?) of it sounded a lot like HL2's City17.

Visuals look a like primitive though. I don't want to put Korea in a bad mood over a game that isn't even well-made.
Hopefully it's fun.
The original mercenaries wasn't great looking, but it was fun. Hopefully it's true here too... =/

soundslike2863d ago

Their previous battlefield style game was lots of fun. They had maps with 4 choppers on each side as I recall...

Ducky2863d ago

Are we talking the flying kind or the two-wheeled kind?

hougigo2864d ago

Story seems like it'll be dark, gritty and interesting. This reminds me of freedom fighters for some reason..... i liked that game.

ThanatosDMC2863d ago

Reminds me more of MW2. But damn, you brought up a great game that i wish would have a sequel.

tacosRcool2863d ago

This should be a very interesting game

AKissFromDaddy2863d ago

Loving the theme, reminds me of Half-Life 2's fight for freedom.

Ninver2863d ago

Story seems dark and interesting but the overall quality is the same mediocre standard most multiplats adhere to.

NYC_Gamer2863d ago

typical run and gun shooter

TheGameFoxJTV2863d ago

Because you just finished playing it right?

NYC_Gamer2863d ago

watching the g4tv hands on demo was enough

BX812863d ago

Watching someone else drive is how I buy my cars!

Mista T2863d ago

herp derp, its a shooter idiot. it'd be like calling a platformer a walk and jump platformer, you don't make any sense

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The story is too old to be commented.