BeefJack Awards 2010: Most Creative Game

BeefJack rounds up its top three most creative, innovative or imaginative games of 2010.

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PrimordialSoupBase2864d ago

Deadly Premonition is really interesting detective sim that unfortunately believes its action sections are fun. Shame it didn't go all adventure game. Still hilarious though and one of the better games this year.

Rocket Sauce2864d ago

The second York started talking about Tom and Jerry and co-dependence, I knew he was one of my favorite game characters ever.

SeraphimBlade2864d ago

York was my favorite part of Deadly Premonition. One of the parts of the game that stand out as not so-bad-its-good, but just plain good. Very cool idea that the player actually takes the role of his split personality, Zach.

Agree with everything this article says about Heavy Rain.

I also wanna say "The Ball" should be a runner-up. Your only weapon is a giant stone ball, it takes the idea and -sorry- rolls with it. The result is something like Katamari Goes to Hell.