PlayZine Game of the Year Awards 2010 - Why They Were Nominated

GamerZines writes: "Last week we revealed our nominees for our annual PlayZine Game of the Year Awards 2010 highlighting our top picks of the year's best Wii, DS and PSP games.

Of all the categories in this year's , we felt it important to highlight our overall Game of the Year category and tell you just why each game has been nominated for the prestigious title."

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SnakeMustDie2868d ago

Peace Walker was awesome. Underrated and underhyped.

danielle0072868d ago

Where the poo are any Bayonetta nominations? It's really kind of bumming me out.

CranberryPub2868d ago

Bayonetta isn't a Wii, DS or PSP game so it isn't going to be nominated in these particular awards.

MaxOpower2868d ago

Wow not one game I played.....