Rumor: Sony Bend working on Uncharted PSP2 title

The PSP2 is all but official at this point. But what software can gamers expect at launch? How about one of Sony's best new IP's - Uncharted.

A reliable source here at GND has given us the scoop that Sony Bend is currently hard at work on an Uncharted title for the PSP2.

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xyxzor2871d ago

Work on a PS3 version of Syphon Filter dammit.

inveni02871d ago

That would be best. For Uncharted: There's no way. A staple of Uncharted (what makes it so great) is that it's a visceral experience. It's not something you can get in a handheld. Sure, you could have a good game, but it wouldn't be an Uncharted experience. (Unless the PSP2 has a 10-inch screen and CELL procesor...)

jack_burt0n2871d ago

yeah but resistance retribution > resistance 2 single player.

they are too good to not be doing major AAA ps3 releases.

need new IP or revive old stuff like colony wars syphon filter.

Shang-Long2871d ago

id like a prequel be4 uncharted1 and Chloe would be the lead girl

jony_dols2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Why would anyone be annoyed about an Uncharted handheld version? Wasn't there supposed to be an Uncharted on PSP1 anyway?(obviously the dev's have shifted it to PSP2 instead as a launch game).

Imagine Uncharted 2's multiplayer modes and co-op, on your PSP!

(Hopefully they could introduce Co-op campaign mode, with maybe a prequel story with Drake & Sully?)

The PSP2 will hopefully have amazing graphics because of its big processing power & small screen. Sony better have a massive CES unveiling (its less than a month away....!)

RememberThe3572871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Because I want a Syphon Filter PS3 game. If bend is doing an Uncharted PSP2 game that means their not doing a Syphon Filter PS3 game.

jony_dols2871d ago

I've been a Syphon Filter fan since its release on the PS1. (I still fondly remember cooking terrorists with my taser of death)
And I thought they did a fantastic job on the 2 SF games on the PSP.

But imagine what an epic launch the PSP2 would have if the best PSP dev (alongside Ready At Dawn) were to collaborate with Naughty Dog, and bring the PS3's most beloved franchise to Sony's new portable powerhouse. After that then I'd like to see Bend move up onto the PS3 hardware and work on a new SF game.

BattleAxe2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I love my PSP for music in my vehicle, but I never feel like playing the games I have. When I'm at home I like playing on my big screen, not my PSP. GoW:CoO was awesome, Rainbow Six Vegas was good, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror was awesome, Socom sucks on PSP, Resistance: Retribution wasn't all that great.

I've still got MGS: Peace Walker sitting there as well as Syphon: Filter Logans Shadow which I want to play, but I never feel like playing on my small screen enough to put my PS3 aside for the evening. Maybe if the PSP2 has dual analogue sticks and next gen graphics I'll be into playing more on a handheld, and one thing is for sure, is that if theres any game that I would go out of my way to play, it would be an Uncharted game.

morganfell2870d ago

I have been a fan of Syphon Filter since the beginning. But if Sony is looking at a launch title for the PSP2 then nothing would serve them better from a marketing standpoint than to have their flagship IP on the new handheld.

DigitalAnalog2870d ago

But I'd rather they have a PROPER Gran Turismo game on a handheld (PSP2). If GOW: GoS and of all franchises, METAL F*CKING GEAR: Peace Walker could have a fuller game on a PSP than on the PS3. This is of no excuse.

-End of Line

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deadreckoning6662871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I don't know. I'm skeptical that a portable can capture all the awesomeness of Uncharted. I'd rather just play it on my PS3. And I'm not to crazy about the PSPs controls either,

@George Sears- Yeah thats what I meant. Just like when I say "Uncharted", I'm referring to the entire Uncharted franchise...not just Uncharted 1.

@NotChrisHanses- Yep, I noted that. Consider this example. If this was a God of War 3 article and someone wrote, "God of War is da shizznit!", its ASSUMED that there speaking of the GOW franchise as a whole. When I referring to the PSP here, I'm referring to the PSP franchise. I could put a 2 next to PSP if it'll make you feel better.

George Sears2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

PSP2 not PSP. Emphasis on the 2.


Sorry but in context that make no sense. The article does not say that they are bringing a port of existing Uncharted IP's from the PS3 towards the PSP2 but are creating a whole new game specifically for the handheld.

EDIT #2.

But how can you speak of the PSP2's control if they it could possibly differ from the PSP?

NotChrisHansen2871d ago

the title says "PSP2". Notice the "2"?

grailly2870d ago

The PSP was able to capture all of god of war's awesomeness, I have no doubt that the PSP2 could do the same with uncharted.

Lionhead2871d ago

Bah when will they show us the PSP2 already >_<

saint_john_paul_ii2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

CES probably. it better be there.

GenericUserName2871d ago

and they said forza was being milked...

justinb12871d ago

A racing game is expected to offer much more content and replayability than an action/adventure game, therefore the need for a sequel should be less. Also an action adventure game has a story that is told in multiple parts, a racing game has nothing like this.

jony_dols2871d ago

Halo,Halo(PC & Mac),Halo 2,Halo 3,Halo Wars,Halo:ODST,Halo Reach...not to mention Halo DVD & Blu ray releases, and Halo comics.

^Now that is milking it^

JimboJones2871d ago

thats over like a 10 year period

games that are being milked are COD and need 4 speed

and tony hawk but that has been milked dry

Kyur4ThePain2871d ago

Just wait until Microsoft brings Halo to their handheld cons....oh, wait.

Sarcasm2871d ago

So 4 years later and the 3rd game will be released and you call that milked?

The true definition of milkage is COD and Super Mario games

GenericUserName2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

this would actually be the 4th game this generation if it is true. so that would be 4 games in 5 years.
kinect? who's talkin about kinect?

Kyur4ThePain2871d ago

GUN, I see you're very bored with Kinect already.

ksense2871d ago

why would you say milked. if it comes out every year then I can understand. plus I have full confidence each installment will be better than the previous unlike cough halo cough

DigitalAnalog2870d ago

At least they do not copy/paste like COD. These games vary differently from each other at best. Kept the formula but knows how to deliver.

-End of Line

Sarcasm2870d ago

@Digital Analog

I count 76 Mario Games...

Obviously it's within the past 30 years... But that's around 2.5 Mario games PER YEAR. COD is at 1 game per year. And honestly, what else can they do to make COD more "unique" ??? Tell me that? It's an FPS, there's only so much you can do. And if you stray too far from the formula, you get the Medal of Honor effect in which people don't like it.

So yes, Super Mario is more milked than any franchise in video game history.

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JimboJones2871d ago

Uncharted is a growing franchise that is obviously reaching out to a new platform, that not milking

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Raoh2871d ago

would be smart.. if i had a psp i would buy it...

ksense2870d ago

a psp2 with dual analog and I will buy it would be my answer! I tried to play metal gear portable and gta on psp and i just gave up because of lack of dual analog. It is really discomforting to me atleast.

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