LZ07: PGR4 Preview

With no real deadlines to meet, such as the launch of a new console, Bizarre Creations are able to spend more time packing PGR4 with a lot of new features and graphical updates which will be most welcome.

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ironwolf4059d ago

a set of double Ds and a case of beer! See you on the Nurbergring, in my rearview mirror.

AngryHippo4059d ago

....this will be awesome. Can't wait, haha, don't agree with the rear view mirror comment, but i shall take that as a sign for 'the race is on' come release date.

Ahmadinejad4059d ago

this is gonna be totally tits u guys, cant wait. PGR2 owned, PGR3 was okay aswell but this one is shaping to be sweet. hopefully finish halo3 before this comes out.