Perry Digs PS3, Xbox 360 Over Wii

Dave Perry, the developer supreme behind such titles as Enter The Matrix And Earthworm Jim, likes both PS3 and Xbox 360 a lot. When it comes to Wii, on the other hand...not so much.

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MikeGdaGod4058d ago

i hate to be harsh but i just don't like the Wii. nothing it does is appealing to me. and i vowed to never play another Mario game again. i played Mario so much, i think i burned out.

everyone i know that has a Wii loved it for a month and haven't played it since. it's fun for about a week. i think when it drops to about $100-$75 i'll get one. but till then.........ps3/360 it is

Xi4058d ago

I rarely play with it unless someone else is there to watch to play with it too.

Seriously, it's great for parties, 4 controllers and some wii-sports but it's not something you can really play by yourself, as it stands I use it to play my gamecube games.

that first sentence made me feel dirty. :<

beavis4play4058d ago

all joking aside, you say you like to play with your wii during a party?

texism4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Argh Shut Up. You say basically the same thing that every wii hater says. How many times have we heard "i have friends who own the wii and they havent even played it for X months" ?

1. You don't have friends. Don't lie.

2. If you're gonna spout bull, at least be original.

Maddens Raiders4058d ago

the biggest albatross for Nintendo games, is Nintendo games. When that ship leaves harbor.....well we know what happens next.....all of us have owned Nintendo consoles in the past...and all of us know where they are now - if we're honest.

Nintendo caught a lot of people off guard with a left hook, nifty controller, and low pricepoint this round, and they are reaping those early benefits, but all good things come to an end, and therein sets the inevitable reality.

1 maybe 1.5 years max this will continue. I'm still playing SSBB on my friends Wii when it comes, but there's no need for me to go buy one - it's not like I'll play it when there's no one around.

unsunghero284058d ago

1 game- TP- has pretty much propelled its sales all year round. By the end of '07 the thing will be loaded with new titles, and combined with the pricepoint that will mean that the Wii is an even more attractive deal.

Plus, Nintendo still has a lot of games coming I'm sure. There are a ton of old franchises they haven't tapped into yet. I expect that Nintendo will do something with them this gen instead of leaving the Wii gameless for 2-3 years.


shiny fell off after earthworm jim for the genesis.

vaan4058d ago

Wow! Enter the Matrix? Absolute movie license sh1te.

AngryHippo4058d ago

a game developer and its his opinion, he's entitled to preferences without someone bashing him because of what games he's made in the past.

gEnKiE4058d ago

Perry is an awesome guy but I read an article a while ago where he bashed both the ps3 and 360 because they focused more on graphical power more than game play much like the wii.....maybe he realized that a controller gimmick can only last so long when you have basically 7 year old hardware to work with......

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The story is too old to be commented.