D+PAD: Def Jam Rapstar Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

‘Style over substance’ – it’s a term that many game (and indeed film) critics come back to time and time again when critiquing the latest blockbuster or triple-A release. Increasingly, dollars are poured into every facet of visual design and graphical edge while at the same time we are let down by staid or even broken game mechanics. You’d have thought then that for a game which places its sole emphasis on hip-hop and rap that the same mentality would apply, where rap videos and street cred are governed by dapper suits, gold bling and a healthy dose of egotism. Why do we bring it up? Because Def Jam Rapstar sways in the other direction, positing more emphasis on deepness in features, where a clean visual upgrade could lift the game from being ‘average’ to something much greater.

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