Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (PC) Review (APH Networks)

APH Networks: When I read about the impending release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit earlier in June this year, I was kind of confused. Was it a mistake? One can only think it is -- especially if you stopped paying attention for just a short moment. Normally, when new game titles are released, developers tend to increase the version number, not decrease it. Case in point: Pretty much everything that has ever been made. If we take things just slightly out of context, you will notice an interesting trend. First came Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit in 1998 (Yes, I understand the 'III' here is the version of the Need for Speed series, but you get the point), then Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 in 2002, followed by the latest release, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Um... yeah. That being said, after spending a good amount of time "testing" this arcade racer -- which is just really an excuse for me to play this game, except I can claim I am actually 'working' -- my advice to you is simply forget about everything you have seen with Hot Pursuit 2, dig up all those fond memories of the original Hot Pursuit, put it in 2010 context, and relive all those childhood hours you have wasted evading cops in your Italdesign Schigera on your Pentium III computer. Well, 12 years has gone by, and while there are no more Italdesign Schigeras, and hopefully you no longer own a Pentium III, inside the box is a whole slew of modern supercars waiting for you to abuse electronically. What made us so impressed? Read on to find out.

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