First Kinect DLC achievements out

The first DLC achievements for Kinect are out. 10 achievements have been added on to Kinect sports for 250 points.

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Bigpappy2865d ago

This will also sell like hot cakes. Kinect Sports is great. It sold great, and people who enjoyit will welcome more content.

hougigo2865d ago

Perhaps, I don't know how DLC will work out with the casual consumer.... i don't even know if they're even aware of DLC unless the game forces it upon them every time they log on.

Bigpappy2865d ago

As long as the Xbox is connected to the internet with at least silver membership. M$ will have it right there in their faces as soon as they log in. They will be some who never get a live account though, so I will agree with you to that point.

shadyiswin2865d ago

jokes on sony huh microsoft xD,love it.