Dead space 2 achievement list

Achievement list for Dead Space 2

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Neo Nugget3493d ago

Peng treasure makes its return! :D

saladthieves3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I almost forgot about that little treasure you can see in Chapter 1 but can't get it until in Chapter 11!...should I replay the game? I have platinumed it after all...what the heck anyway...Dead Space rocks.
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marioPSUC3493d ago

Wow, all those secret achievements must be for beating a section of the game, that is gonna be one long and brutally fun game.

Cannot wait for the early Christmas present, Dead Space 2 demo, I believe on the 21st

Arup023493d ago

I don't like seeing the achievments, just spoils the game.

hougigo3493d ago

Well, kind of..... but most of the time story related achievements are secret.

MrBeatdown3493d ago

Glad to see there are no ridiculous online achievements.

Jaces3493d ago

No kidding, finally I can enjoy platting a game without having to worry about crazy online trophies. :D Thank you Visceral!

saladthieves3493d ago

What are those secret achievements then? They could be online, but personally I HATE ONLINE ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES.

Quagmire3493d ago

Secret Achievements are Story Based.

If they were for online achievements, why would they hide them?

Quickstrike3492d ago

I agree with you, I have several games that I can't get the platinum for because the online servers are dead. I picked up F.E.A.R. 2 a while back and only found like 10 people still playing it. I hate online trophies....They need to stop making online trophies required for 1000 gamerscore/Platinum trophy. With that being said I love it when they do it right like with Uncharted 2. You only have to play and complete a co-op game and a match making game for the platinum.

hougigo3493d ago

Personally, online achievements really deter from enjoying multiplayer. I mean, you'll get in with a team trying to get like 100 kills with a pistol and straight up sucking because they're trying to get an achievement... and then boosting.

Dirty J3493d ago

Finally some people have learned! Now maybe I will hop in online just to test it and not keep findning people to boost with for trophies/achievments :)

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dgonza403493d ago

Give me the game already!
lol cant wait for my Collector's Edition, its nice it comes with extraction too. Go PS3 bluray disc, Go!

hougigo3493d ago

Oh man.... i kind of want to get it because of the damn plasma cutter model.

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